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MCO 2.0 | Here Are the SOPs You Would Need To Know

Photo Credit: Malay Mail

Alright you guys, here we are again. MCO 2.0 has just been announced and granted that while this is not going to be the usual beauty post that we normally have on this site, I do think that this information is much needed because we do need to know the SOPs that are going to be in place during this time period.

Now from what we gather, a 2 week Movement Control Order period has been laid in place to flatten the curve of the rising infections of Covid-19; and as we later found out today as well, a state emergency from the Agong has also been announced too which will take place from tomorrow which is the 13th of February 2021 up till August 1st 2021. Now I am going to be honest with you, this definitely puts a halt to almost everything for everyone. but understandably it is much needed because with the rising cases, our frontlines are already struggling to cope as it were, especially as numbers climb over 3000+ cases per day. In other worlds the urgency to flatten the curve is needed now more than ever.

So what are the SOPs in place during this Movement Control Order for those living in the states affected by it (Penang, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan)? Here we have the compiled list below ( his is referenced from SAYS, The Star, NST and The Malay Mail) so have a look.

The SOPs to follow during MCO 2.0 | January 13th 2021 - August 1st 2021

  • No social gatherings or events will be allowed

    • This includes mass groups such as weddings, conferences, religious parades including on Thaipusam, meetings, seminars, courses, and group sports.

    • Interstate and interdistrict travel is not allowed 
    • Travel restrictions and road blocks will be implemented.
    • Road Closures: Jalan 4/56 at Gasing Indah, Jalan Persiaran Mahogani at Kota Damansara, Jalan Persiaran Jati at Kota Damansara, Jalan Persiaran Sungai Buloh at Kota Damansara., The PJU8/1 traffic light interchange at Damansara Perdana, Mutiara Damansara/Damansara Perdana exit along the LDP,  the entrance to the Damansara Toll Plaza from Bayu Putri near the PKR Headquarters, SPRINT Highway at Km 0.3 headed towards the Damansara Toll Plaza, and at Persiaran Surian (both directions).

  • Limited Movement | Only within the 10km radius
    • Buying essential needs | Supermarkets and Mini Marts.
    • Only two people from the same household are allowed to be in the car at the same time.
    • Those who go against this ruling will be faced with a RM1000 fine.

  • Essential Economic Sector
    • Five industries under this sector will be allowed to operate during the MCO 2.0 at 30% capacity (management level) which are  manufacturing, construction, service, trade and distribution & plantations and commodities. For a more detailed list, kindly reference via this link here.

  • Dining in at restaurants are not allowed. 
    • Eateries and hawker stalls can operate but only takeaways are allowed.
    • Food delivery services will be allowed to operate.
    • Operating hours for food outlets, sundry shops and convenience stores in MCO areas will be operating from 6am to 8pm. This includes restaurants, food courts, kiosks and hawkers.

  • Supermarkets, healthcare service providers, and banks are allowed to operate.
    • Customers have to wear masks, use hand sanitisers and observe physical distancing at all times.
    • Hospitals and clinics are allowed to open for 24 hours where else pharmacies are only open from 6am to 8pm daily. A maximum of three individuals, including the patient, would be allowed to access healthcare facilities within a 10km radius of their home.

  • Students and SPM candidates are exempted from MCO travel restrictions.
    • The Ministry of Education will issue a more detailed list of SOPs.
    • All private kindergartens registered the with MOE in MCO-affected areas can conduct face-to-face learning.
    • Those who are allowed to go back to schools are students taking these examinations for the year 2020 and 2021: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM), Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM), Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM), Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM) and other equivalent international examinations. Those in boarding schools sitting for these exams will be allowed to return to their respective hostels starting 16th of January 2021. They will however need a special authorisation letter issued by the school before they can travel across states  and districts.

  • Only 5 committee members are allowed in mosques and other places of worship at a time.
    • No gatherings are allowed.

  • People within the same household are allowed to carry out recreational activities outdoors.
    • Jogging and cycling are allowed but at a 2m distance.
    • Jogging can not have more than 2 people at a time and cycling you can do it alone.

  • Petrol stations, wet markets and pasar tani will be allowed to operate from 7am to 2pm, while pet stores and veterinary clinics are only open from 6-8pm.
  • Laundry services with the exception of self-service laundry- which is not allowed to operate during MCO are from 6am to 8pm. 

Photo Credit: KPM

Now these are the current updates of the SOPs in place so far, but if there are any additions, we will add it to this article for reference just so that if you are unsure, you can look it up. Additionally if you are worried about making your way home before as the MCO 2.0 takes place, you can take a look here as well for the guidelines as the government will be giving some leeway to those to make it home by Friday, January 15th 2021. However for those who are unable to make it during that timeframe and have specific cases for interstate travel, do reference it here.

States that are under CMCO:

  • Pahang
  • Perak
  • Negeri Sembilan
  • Kedah
  • Terengganu
  • Kelantan

* Perlis and Sarawak are under RMCO 

Also if you are worried about how you can go about heading to work, you can also visit this link here for reference too because everything that you would need to know will be listed there as well. So I do hope that this compilation helps everyone and do stay safe. As always, remember to wear a mask, practise social distancing and most importantly sanitize frequently. Let's do our best to flatten this curve together.

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