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PIXY Make It Glow Color Series Review

 Today we are going to be talking about the Glow Getter Series by Pixy Cosmetics and here we have a compilation of some of the brand's best selling products that are just perfect for that everyday buy girl who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.
Now there are about 5 products here which we will be listing their breakdowns below, but in the meantime this colour series is aimed for the need of those who would like to achieve a natural glow, with lightweight texture, high coverage and long wear; plus to keep healthy looking results to emphasise on each of your own individual beauty.

PIXY Adorable Marble Blusher | Tempting Pink (02)

So to begin, here we have the blush. Now this one is called the Adorable Marble Blusher and a contrast to how it may look, this one actually has a rather soft texture which comes from a combination of fine powder and pearl. We also found this to be pretty pigmented as well, but with a easy and effortless blend formula on the face too.

Now the result of this compliments to the series because it gave a rather healthy glow on to the face. It had a good balanced combination of micro macro pearl which is nice and is available in 4 shades which are Brick Terracotta (01), Tempting Pink (02), Peachy Peach (03) and Classy Coral (04).

PIXY Crayonttention Lipstick | Fuchsiaristic (04)

As for this next one, this is the PIXY Crayonttention Lipstick and this one whilst high coverage has a very light feeling on the lips and is very comfortable upon wear. The finish isn't exactly matte, for it has a more semi matte result but it doesn't feel dry on the lips. It glides on effortlessly and since it is pretty slender in size, it is also very easy for it to be applied on the lips.

In terms to its shade range, this one has 9 shades available in Malaysia and they are Redcited (01), Unbrickable (03), Fuchsiaristic (04), Pinkception (05), Pinkcredible (06), Glamarose (07), Mauvein' On (08), Chocolicious (09), Brown This Way (10).

PIXY Line It Out Pen Eyeliner | Jet Black (01)

So let's get into eyeliners for a minute. This one by PIXY has a very thin and soft brush applicator that is very flexible when used, both for drawing thick or thin lines. The formula itself dries quickly, is smudge proof and resistant to sweat and oil which is a big plus.

Additionally the matte finish can last up to 12 hours and in terms to the shade range there is only one in Jet Black (01) at the moment but hopefully the brand will expand it to more colours soon because this pen eyeliner was really enjoyable to use.

PIXY That's My Brow Pencil | Caramel Brown (02)

In terms to the Brow Pencil, the one that we have here is in Caramel Brown and while it looks nice on lighter toned brows, it might be a little light on jet black brows. However in terms to its formula, it gives out high pigmentation which is great and is very gentle upon application so its quite easy to blend out with its spool brush to even it out once applied.

As can be seen from the above, it is a retractable eyebrow pencil with a triangular tip and this makes it easier to apply on the formulation on the brows without needing to sharpen the tip. It creates a nice natural feathered look to the brow and is available in shades Ash Brown (01) and Caramel Brown (02).

PIXY Lash It Up Mascara | Signature Black (01)

As for the final product, here we have the PIXY Lash It Up Mascara and this one has a shiny, black formula that is quite easy to use to cut the lashes to make it appear longer. It is good to note that it is smudge proof and resistant to oil and sweat; plus it also has a long lasting result up to 12 hours.

One thing that we really liked from this was that while the formulation for this is lightweight, as you apply it on, it goes on rather smoothly and doesn't clump. It comest in one shade in Signature Black (01) and also delivers good pigmentation without multiple applications too, so that is good.

On overall, the PIXY Make It Glow Color Series definitely brings out the glow from within while emphasising on your own beauty, so if you would like to know more about range, you can head on over to their Official Website for further information.

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