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A Little Summer Soiree with Claudine Imelda from Little Eyes of Mine and China Glaze

There is a time in everyone's blogging journey where they reach a certain peak that they can look back and say that they have done well.

For me, that moment would have to go to my fellow blogging mate who through her own tremendous hard work and great personality, pulled off her very first event with China Glaze.

Held at Kay's Cafe at Indera Subang Apartments in USJ 6/2L, the set up was extremely cosy and quaint- something like one of those little cafes you see when walking up and down the streets of Melbourne.

Big glassy windows and sofas completed the look and the food complimented it further.

Claudine with her freshly baked cupcakes for her guests

Upon arrival, China Glaze had neatly set up their table in a corner, filling it up with vibrant nail polish colors, products and awesome promotional packages.

Event happenings

We also learnt that China Glaze had their own app, available for download on both the Iphone and Android.

Match the right color with your China Glaze App

What was interesting about this app that if you found a certain color that you had liked, whether it is on a dress or a car, you would just need to snap a photo of it and let the app identify the color and link it with a similar color nail lacquer.  Pretty cool right?

Check out Shasha's totally candid hairflip

Edazz and Shasha were busy picking out nail colors when I got back to the table and as Claudine had an awesome activity coming up for us, we took some time experimenting with each China Glaze Nail Polish that was given to us.

The girls and I especially favored a hot chili red nail polish called 'Bend Over Backwards.' Gorgeous color with a slight hint of pink shimmer in it.

Claudine giving her welcome speech
Claudine later gave a warm welcome speech to everyone, thanking them for taking the time to attend the Summer Soiree. Later she passed the floor over to Agnes Chan who was the Marketing Executive for China Glaze who briefed us on the history of the brand.

Agnes dishing out deets on the history of China Glaze and the activity 

After the briefing, Agnes introduced us to our the nail activity that we were going to be doing. We were going to create 12 gorgeous polka dot designs using only a dotting tool and a toothpick for reference.

After the activity

We were separated into teams of 6 and were given a time limit of an hour to complete our designs. The winning team would be based on the creativity of their designs along with how their dotting technique would be used.

May from China Glaze showing Edazz the dotting technique while the rest of us sample the delicious food at Kay's Cafe

As Shasha felt a little hungry midway through, we decided to sample Claudine's food choice which was the Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Grilled Sausages.

Let me tell you, they were so good till we went back for 3 more rounds. After all you could never go wrong with a little western.

Claudine with the winning team (From Left: Dhibesh,Lina,Aqma and Angeline)

Coming back to the activity; needless to say we tried our best, but try as we may be we just couldn't beat the team that dotted their way to victory with the cutest little design of cupcakes. So well done girls- that is just extreme artistic talent right there.

Claudine receiving her token of appreciation from Agnes

After the activity, we went over to the China Glaze table to look at more colors. As most of the girls were extremely interested in the promotional packages, most of them went home with a happy purchase from China Glaze along with Claudine's cute goodie bags which contained a Mini Cocoa from Craft Kitchen and a Stress Away Salve from Bisou Bon Bon.

I myself happily purchased a 1x nail polish from China Glaze (Seche), a glass nail file and 1x awesome cuticle cutter from Titania Germany.  For more information on China Glaze and it's products head on over to:

China Glaze Official Facebook Page:

Check out Claudine's Page for more pictures and updates at:

Claudine's Official Facebook Page:
Claudine's Official Blogger Page:

Overall it was a well rounded event and we had tons of fun. Well done Claudine for arranging such an awesome event with China Glaze. Looking forward to more to come :)



  1. oh yes I am hehe.. but that day another event clashed time no able go.

    wah.. so fun the pics shown! :D

  2. Owh gracious... I look so tall in that picture with the other ladiez :)... nice write up...

  3. Thank you so much for the write up babe. It means so much to me. I love you long time!

  4. Looks like you enjoyed a lot


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