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Duriana the No.1 Mobile-First Marketplace in Malaysia

Duriana, the marketplace for all things beautiful

Duriana. Isn't that name just so catchy? To be honest, I was extremely intrigued with it's name when I received the invitation to attend the launch at Palate Palette, Kuala Lumpur.

Pop In, Pop Out with Duriana!

When asked about the name Duriana, CEO and co-founder, Camilo Paredes responded that the name derived from our country's King of Fruits. Hence, with the logo and the addition of the 'A' behind the 'Durian', the Duriana app was created.

CEO and Co-Founder of Duriana, Camilo Paredes

With regards to the creation of the app, Camilo Paredes stated "In recent years, there has been an influx of businesses led by young, vibrant Malaysian entrepreneurs.

With an app like Duriana, anyone with a smartphone can start a business. As social commerce continues to grow in Malaysia, these young entrepreneurs have eagerly adopted our app as their main way of selling and reaching new customers."

Available on iOS and Android

Reaching a whole new benchmark, this new Malaysian mobile marketplace app has already surpassed the 110,000 listing mark on their platform with 80% of those listings coming from their Malaysian platform after only six short weeks in the market.

Pretty impressive for a new start out I have to say.

Make a Purchase at Duriana

Using the tagline, "Find Your Unicorn," Duriana invites users to discover hidden gems or rare items, which they never knew existed, whether it's a series of limited edition books or quirky handmade arts and crafts trinkets.

Finding rare gems at Duriana

Duriana's inventory is not only vast but also diverse spanning across many types of categories, which include pre-loved, home furnishing, fashion and electronics.

Users can browse through an exciting catalogue of items powered by a host of different sellers- from your normal next door neighbor looking to cash in on pre-loved goods to creative Etsy-type merchants and independent blog shops.

However, if you are looking to sell your own goods, just simply snap a photo of your product, upload, list a price and you are done!

Attending the Duriana Launch at Palate Palette

Available for iOS and Android users in Malaysia and Singapore, get ready to download this social selling app that allows you to discover a world of amazing products for sale-from your friends, neighbors, trendy blogshops or cool local shops that you have yet to discover.

For more information kindly head on over to:

Duriana Official Facebook Page
Duriana Official Webpage:


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