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Asahi Malaysia presents Future Music Festival Asia 2014

Future Music Festival Asia; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

Who can forget the award winning music festival that broke through our routine in the year 2012?

Expanding from more than 15,000 fans over the last 2 years, the Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) made it's anticipating comeback with a huge 3 day lineup featuring big headliners like Deadmau5+ Friends on Day 1, Armin Van Buuren + ASOT 650: New Horizons on Day 2 and knocking it out of the park on Day 3 with international superstar Pharrell Williams, Macklemore, Yuna and Ryan Lewis.

The Itinerary; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

Held at the vast Stadium Bukit Jalil, the public had a fair walk to the stadium as the parking was split into two separate areas; one for the VIP and the other were for the regulars.

FMFA's standard parking was charged at an RM20 fee for visitors and depending on where you parked (it was mostly side of the road parking), took about a 10-15 minute walk to enter in the stadium.

Future Music Festival Asia 2014 in conjunction with Asahi; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

As Asahi Malaysia was the official beer sponsor for the Haunted House Arena (Stage 3), a delightful redemption for a free Asahi beer could also be done for the public through the mobile app Kakao Talk.

All you would need to do is to download Kakao Talk to your smartphone, add FMFA to your friends' list, and you are done! Simple right?

FMFA 2014 Map; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

As you can see from the map, the FMFA organizers had drafted the set up quite nicely- locating ample of food and attraction along the way to each separate stage.

Hence as the performances were conducted on four separate platforms, visitors were delighted by the resonating of FMFA's Day 1 highlighted electronic artist; Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 on stage at FMFA Day 1; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)
Up Close on Set; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

Staging a groundbreaking performance with a one of a kind flair, the stage was lit up with crowd pleasing visuals and fantastic audio settings.

Moving on to the second day, the public went wild over FMFA's primary highlight which was the one and only Armin Van Buuren.

#ASOT650MY; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)
Hands in the air for a silent prayer for MH370; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)
The atmosphere at FMFA Day 2; Photo Credits (FMFA Malaysia)

As you can see from the people's reaction, Armin's set was nothing short of amazing. All hands went in the air as well as Armin did a silent prayer for MH370 to come home to our shores safely.

Sadly, much can't be said for Day 3 as it was cancelled due to an unfortunate incident that occurred during FMFA's Day 2. A very sad day indeed for those who were looking forward to Pharrell Williams and Yuna's performances.

Credits to Asahi Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for the passes

Nonetheless, crowds were thoroughly entertained throughout Day 1 and Day 2 and I truly hope that FMFA will continue on to next year. In the meantime, a big thank you goes out to Asahi Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for the passes.

For more lovely photographs and information of Future Music Festival Asia 2014, kindly head on over to:

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