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Philips Electric Shaver PQ228/18 Review

Ladies, if you are looking for a gift for the man in your life – be it your guy, your dad or an uncle for an upcoming birthday gift – you could get the cordless Philips PQ228/18 advanced electric shaver.

I know what you are thinking... a shaver- really? Well if you are anything like me who always ends up cracking her head till wee hours into the morning to come up with something to get for their loved one; then this would be a very practical and affordable item to purchase for them instead of the usual shirt, ties, wallets and gadgets. 

Now if there is a brand in the market leading the edge for electric shavers, always look no further than Philips. They have a great range of electric shavers from entry level for light shaving to the top of the range ones that cater for the man with heavier stubble.

Smooth? But of course!

With a tag-line of “Smart Shave for Confidence”, the Philips PQ228/18 is designed as a travelling companion and comes along with a travel kit comprising a handy pouch and protection cap, a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable with a micro USB interface to the shaver. 

Colors available

Basically there is no excuse for running out of juice when most men are lugging along their lap tops in travel status. The shaver can also be charged from the mains with a USB wall adapter and gives 30 minutes of cordless power when fully charged. The shaver itself is well designed and comfortable to use with an ergonomic anti-slip grip ensuring complete control. The blades are self-sharpening and long lasting for up to 2 years.

Specifications of the Philips Electric Shaver PQ228/18

So how did it do you ask? Well this time round, I had my dear father try it out to see to it's performance as he has not only has heavy follicle growth but is also an avid user of 2 of Philips top of the range electric shavers as well.

The packaging

Upon sampling, kindly note that the Philips PQ228/18 is a twin-head shaver designed for shaving on a dry face and not in combination with water, shaving gel or foam.

It's twin head shaver

Technically the shaving heads must be moved over the skin with both straight and circular motions. For a closer shave, stretch the shaving area taut with the free hand. 

Pros: Good design, convenient for travel, great for removing 5 o’clock shadow and well suited for light shaving. Easy to use and clean.

Cons: Not ideal for those with heavier stubble.

Verdict: The Philips PQ228/18 delivers what it is designed to do. It’s very affordable, great for travelling and for keeping handy in the office or car.

So ladies if you would like to be in your man’s thoughts first thing in the morning as he performs his daily shaving ritual, this would be the way to do it.  After all, what could be a more perfect gift than this? ;)


Name: Philips PQ228/18
Price: RM 119.00
Where to Purchase: Philips Malaysia, Harvey Norman, Parkson & Aeon
Colors Available: Brown;Black & Blue;Black



  1. OK, first of all the model in the post is such a hottie! Where can I find one and how much will he cost, hahaha!
    Second of all, the shaver actually looks good, but no point getting one for my facial hair-less boyf. LOL!

  2. Fully agree that the Philips norelco electric shavers are the best! I love the smooth finish and never have any irritated skin anymore!

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