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Double Denim; In or Out?

Double Denims in Contrasting Shades

Now if you are the type who has been keeping updated with the latest Spring 2014 Collection trends, you would come to realize that for most of it, Double Denims are back in fashion.

This shift to denim has mostly dominated this season's runways and more than 25 percent of collections are now compromising of denim separates.

For my outfit of the day, I decided to wear contrasting denims; a lighter shade on the jeans paired up with a dark denim jacket; both from Zara.

As you can never go wrong with something black- I opted for something black; hence the heels and sleeveless sheer top (H&M), along with a splash of chili red for the clutch (Bag of Love) . As for my colorful sunglasses, my credits would have to go to the one and only Ray-Ban.

Zara Jacket, Sheer Black Top from H&M and Necklace from Mustachic

I don't know why but I have always taken a liking to denim for it reminded me of a certain "Street Style" fashion.

However there have been poor misinterpretations of it over the years (such as Britney and Justin's infamous Canadian Tuxedos) that have sort of made me think twice of having the cause of  "Just too much denim."

So are you an advocate of Double Denim?

Maybe it's just me but I find that one of the most successful ways to wear double denim is to always opt for contrasting shades. Polaroid tones do well here, keeping in mind that when you do separate washes, the color will slowly change; drawing attention away from the similarity of both fabrics.

However, do not get to overly ambitious and take a stab at triple denim for you might be setting yourself up for major fashion faux pas.

Nonetheless, it is a casual look that can make someone look absolutely brilliant if they get the chance of putting it together smartly. So do it right and pull it off well - but for the most part just have fun with it.



  1. looking gorgeous babe! good luck in the guess blogger award ya!

  2. you look a complete fashionista here

    1. Thanks dear :) I think the sunglasses and the denim jacket did the trick ;)

  3. OMG you look amazing hun! =)
    The pop of red just brings everything together!
    And yes, every time I try to pair double denim, Britney & Justin come to mind, LOL!

    1. Kan? lol! But the contrasting color of denim is what helps to differentiate i think -more denim in the future maybe haha XD


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