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Benefit Brow Bar Review

Brows brows brows. The importance of having the perfect eyebrows has been a popular progression that has been trending for years for young girls all around the world. First there was thin, arched, then thick and now finally the latest Korean straight brows.

Well whichever it would be to suit your face shape, it is always important to remember that brows are the ones that mark the focal point of your whole facial structure. Hence as to why you should always maintain your eyebrows at a good threading or waxing center.

Which face shape are you?

When I first started doing my brows at a young age, I remember disliking the fact that I had to go to a threading center and withstand the pain that came along with defining them. This went on for some time until I began asking around if there was another alternative to doing threading so often.

However this depended on how fast the growth of the brows would take and back then I honestly did not know if there was another way to go about it as waxing the brows was not a heard of choice when I was younger and this practice literally had to be done every month once. After all, no pain, no gain right?

Services at Benefit

Hearing about Benefit's Brow Bar was definitely a happy time for me as this was an alternate way to go rather than the usual way of doing threading. I noticed that many first timers also chose the option to have their eyebrows done there; as expected to avoid the pain of doing threading. I can fully understand this because the first time I tried Benefit's wax technique, it really was extremely painless.

The Before and After

However, Benefit's way of doing brows is a tad different that the usual brow threading. Instead of doing the brows based on just looking, Benefit has this technique called brow mapping. This is to ensure that both eyebrows are done straight, arched well and looked more defined.

Brow Mapping

You might be surprised as most girls do not know this but do take note on how you do your brows as the closer your brows are to each other, the more slimmer your nose would look, hence the more defined your look would turn out to be. The further apart of course would follow the latter.

Price Range

Benefit believes in thick and beautifully defined brows so brow mapping for them is of course vital to achieve the look that they would like to do for you. Usually after marking the three main points of your brows *as shown above* they would put the wax on the strays (don't worry it is not extremely hot wax) and quickly take it completely off.

Once done, they would fill in the brows accordingly and hence you will get beautiful defined brows to go back home with. However, if you would like to read more how they do their brow mapping, you can go to this link.

Shall we raise brows with Benefit?

The Benefit Brow Bars are only available at certain outlets in Sephora, but for those who are staying in Petaling Jaya, here is a surprise for you. The Benefit Brow Bar is going to be opened at Paradigm Mall real soon! So time to say goodbye to threading appointments and to happier times with Benefit's latest Brow Counter! What a grand reveal right?

To make an appointment with the current brow counters, I have laid out a detailed contact list below for reference. Keeping services fast, flawless and fun, this can be done with or without an appointment; however I would highly recommend to book the slot as many are often fully booked during the day.

Benefit Counters at Sephora:

Sephora Nu Sentral    : 012 379 8062
Sephora Queensbay   : 012 379 3806
Sephora Starhill          : 032 148 5592
Sephora KLCC             : 019 374 5880
Sephora Paradigm      : Coming Soon!  



  1. thanks for sharing the Brow Bar info dear ^_^ i have always wanted to get their service but time is always envious of me XD

    1. Aww anytime Mieza dear :) You should give them a go, it's completely painless ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing the info! i never knew about this hahaha will surely give it try soon i guess. hehe :D

    1. Anytime dear :) Let me know if you like it ;)

  3. Hi Shivani,

    I got my brows waxed a couple of weeks ago at Benefit 1Utama. They have raised their prices. It's now RM 45 instead of RM 42. Just thought you should know that =)

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for the info :)

      Didn't know they raised their prices because last time I went it was still at RM42. Maybe next time I head there I will go and inquire, lol ^^


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