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MTV World Stage 2014 with Sailor Jerry

MTV World Stage 2014

MTV World Stage Malaysia is finally back in it's 6th year running; showcasing the amazing talents of Thaitanium, Boys Republic, B.o.B and local songbird Yuna at none other than our Lagoon turf at Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur. As you can imagine, there was nothing quite like witnessing these multi-talented powerhouses all in one stage and as anticipated, the atmosphere could not have been more hyped.

Merchandises anyone?
With Sailor Jerry's Limited Edition Cups

Thanks to Sailor Jerry Spiced, we got the wonderful opportunity to attend what had to be one of the most memorable nights of the MTV music industry, and set to amaze more than 10,000 fans; MTV Worldstage was hosted by MTV VJs Alan and Hanli and sponsored by Sunway, Xpax, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Hong Leong Bank, William Grant & Sons,Tourism Malaysia, Astro along with our local radio house,

The Sailor Jerry scene at MTV World Stage 2014
Airbrush tattoos anyone?

With regards to the set up for Sailor Jerry, it was absolutely lovely; reminding me of tattoo parlor snippets that I have seen in the movie The Expandables. However linking well to Norman Keith Collins a.k.a Sailor Jerry, the prominent american tattoo artist famous for doing tattoos for roving sailors, the setting was exactly how I would have probably pictured it in the first place.

The Collection of Sailor Jerry Limited Edition Cups

 So for those of you who are curious about this brand, let's do a brief highlight. Not many of you might know this but  Sailor Jerry was actually the person who taught and passed down his artwork to Ed Hardy and Mike Malone who were his proteges at the time.

The spiced Navy rum that is so famous for was done up by Sailor Jerry Ltd, a small independent Philadelphia company which in 1999, Hardy and Malone partnered with. I found the packaging to be quite interesting as I was told that as the bottle empties, additional pin-up designs would be seen visible on the inner label and not only on the outer one.

At the Sailor Jerry VIP Tent

With regards to the taste, it takes it's influence from Caribbean rum which sailors would spice with flavors from the Far East and Asia. However in 2010, the original formula was changed to include a less sweet taste.

As there were so many people at MTV World Stage who were enjoying the beverage, I took the opportunity to head nearby the concert platform where the performances were taking place. As you can see from the picture below, the whole set up of Sunway Lagoon had been transformed to a bevy of lights, illuminating each crook and cranny of the huge stage.

Thaitanium at MTV World Stage

Of course lighting up the stage with their first act was the Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium who rocked the night with songs like 'Sukebe', 'Do What I Say' and 'Bong Tong'.

Altogether they did an 11-track medley, delighting fans with the inclusion of their latest single with Snoop Dogg, a splendid job at their beats, interacting with the crowd along with keeping the vibe ongoing up till the end. Overall an extremely enjoyable performance.

Hyping up the crowd
Final Performance

Of course who can forget about the dreamy Boys Republic? I do believe that literally every girl on site was absolutely screaming when they performed. I think I saw one cry even. *Blink blink*

Making their MTV World Stage debut with their hit "You Are Special", Boys Republic definitely stole the hearts of women everywhere. K-Pop fans were immediately charmed by their presence and warm charisma, and even more so when the boys expressed their love in returning to Malaysia.

Opening Act
Interacting with their fans

Of course nothing could get the crowd more hyped that a little remixed rendition so Boys Republic surprised them with their version of 'Video Game' where fans were invited to post a 15-second mobile phone clips on Instagram to #worldstagemyfancam.

Boys Republic also took in turn to introduce the winner of their 'Girlfriend' contest who was curated towards a new Korean look by the K-Pop group's stylish and received a wardrobe which she displayed proudly onstage as the boys serenaded to her. A dream most definitely which closed with fan favorite 'Party Rock.'


A roaring welcome was given to our homegirl Yuna who opened her act with 'Falling' to a beautifully visualized waterfall backdrop and enchanted the crowd with her sweet sounding melodies. 

Serenading the crowd with her soulful voice
An absolutely magical performance

Soulful renditions which included her famous tracks like 'Mountains', 'Lelaki','Dan Sebanarya', 'Lights and Camera' and Terukir Di Bintang' made her fans chime along as she wrapped up her set with a magical performance of 'Come Back.' In other words, she was incredible.

Opening for B.o.B

B.o.B on the other hand was nothing short of amazing, and impressed the crowd with his energetic performance compromising of a 16-track medley of his popular songs. His interaction with the crowd was completely beyond the usual singer/fan greet as he took his time on stage to exchange high fives with the crowd and even happily taking a phone from the audience to snap a selfie with them.

High Fives anyone?

Setting up the stage with the stunning display of lights, the international rapper also gave a solemn moment and dedicated his global hit 'Airplanes ft Hayley Williams of Paramore' to all those who had lost their loved ones in the tragedy of MH370 and MH17.

His finale of  'Still In This' couldn't have been more amped up; what with 1,000 multi-colored LED balloons and streamers raining down on the crowd. Of course a little crowd surfing was also done which as you can imagine delighted his fans to no end.

The scene outside at Sailor Jerry's Backdrop
Group Shot

Overall MTV World Stage was an amazing experience and all this was thanks to none other than Sailor Jerry Spiced. If you are one of those true individuals looking to find out more about this exotic choice of drink, you can always go to or as Sailor Jerry Spiced is now available in Malaysia.

Myself and Yuki

Oh and just in case you missed MTV World Stage, do not worry as this was recorded live for global telecast; so the show premieres on air Wednesday, 20 August at 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG) and 8.30pm (MAL) and repeats on the same day at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG) and 12am (MAL). It premieres in the Philippines on Friday, 29 August at 10pm


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