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COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid Launch

COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid

I can't seem to put my finger on it, but there is always something about lipsticks and lip-glosses that always colored me intrigued. I am an avid admirer of deep rich hues and texture; so it comes to no surprise that lippie products are a cosmetic favorite of mine.

Balloons anyone?

COVO Cosmetics is a COsmetic eVOlution brand (hence COVO) that has been around since it's launch in early January 2013. With makeup prices ranging from RM25 to RM299, it is available at 19 locations across Malaysia and is currently expanding.

The Array of Cosmetics

Launching their latest Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid which is completely "kiss-proof" and transfer-resistant, this latest line from Covo Cosmetics also offers high-impact color in a single swipe.

Key Features:

1. The One-Stroke High Impact Lip Fluid
2. 6 Kiss-Proof Shades
3. Matte Finish
4. Extreme Long Wear
5. Ultra Thin Film
6. Built- In Mirror for Effortless Touch-Ups

International Makeup Artist; Francesco Riva applying makeup on Celebrity Host Daphne Iking
Testing out the shades of the Kiss Proof Matte Lip Fluid

In all honesty, the first time I heard about COVO Cosmetics was due to their Fearless Waterproof Shadow Liners and back then in 2013 I was a little hesitant to purchase colorful liners since I did not really know how to apply them. Thankfully over time as my interest grew, I learnt how to play around with them and use them to it's fullest potential. A full review will be coming up on them soon so do keep a look-out on this page.

Sampling the COVO's Kiss Proof Matte Lip Fluid in the shade Magical

Sampling out the colors were a great deal of fun but as I am a sucker for rich tones I took a great liking to COVO's Kiss Proof Matte Lip Fluid in the shade Magical. It was a warm matte reddish tone that gave my lips a rather plump and rosebud look.

Coverage and texture wise was excellent and true to it's description only a thin layer is needed.  Despite it being matte, it had a soft velvety coating that is completely smudge-proof after setting but like all matte lippies, it's always best to put on a balm coating before application to ensure that the lips won't go too dry.

Daphne Iking; Emcee

Of course when it comes to application, it's always best to look for an expert and in collaboration with COVO Cosmetics; Francesco Riva was indeed the real deal.

Hailing all the way from his hometown Milan, Italy, this famed international makeup artist had over 20 years of experience and a string of awards under his belt. Working with many international cosmetic giants, fashion runways, magazines and movie sets, he is one of the most highly sought-after Italian makeup artists that takes the flair of applying cosmetics to it's greatest potential.

International Make Up Artist, Francesco Riva applying COVO's Kiss Proof Matte Lip Fluid
Group Shot with International Makeup Artist Francesco Riva and Founder and Creator of COVO Cosmetics, Julie Wong

As mentioned above, I usually prep my lips with a balm before applying a matte color but according to Francesco Riva, there is another way how to go about it.

Prepping for a Matte Lip

1. Exfoliate - Use an old toothbrush and gently brush your lip with a little water.

2. Perfect Shade - Of you have fair skin tone, go for pinks, nude and cherry reds. For medium skin tone, pinks with brown undertones are recommended. For darker skin tone, choose browns and purples.

3. Size of lips - If you have thin lips, avoid dark colors. If your lips are full, go for it.

4. Subtle does it - If you don't want a super bold lip, use the tip of your finger to dab on the fluid for a subtle natural look.

5. Leave no traces - Make sure the matte colors do not stain your lips by removing it with an oil based makeup remover.

Swatch of COVO Cosmetics Kiss Proof Matte Lip Fluid in all six shades

Retailing at RM45 for every 5ml tube, the COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid is formulated without parabens and is absolutely animal cruelty free. As you can see from the swatch above, each color is equally as stunning as the next and are extremely strong in terms of color pigments.

If I am not mistaken, COVO Cosmetics is currently having their store-wide 20% off sale until the 1st of September; so no time like the present to go and give them a look. If you would like more information you can always click on the links below as well.

COVO Cosmetics Official Webpage:

COVO Cosmetics Official Facebook Page:



  1. The colours look absolutely gorgeous and Magical looks... magical on you! ^^ Covo is definitely one of my favourite brands (I use their foundations, but now I'm really tempted to try out their lippies as well! =)

    Love your blog! Wishing you a wonderful day!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thanks Rin dear :) Covo is definitely a brand to watch out for; I myself am looking forward to more launches from them as well ;)


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