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Indulge; TGV Cinemas One Utama Review

Indulge; TGV Cinemas

Sometimes when heading down to a cinema to watch a movie selection of choice, I would often wish that movie screenings would come with a little wine and dine experience in order for me to not have to make a decision of where I would like to eat after a hectic day.

You would be surprised, but a frenetic schedule can sometimes probe one to not being able to have a good and solid meal throughout their daily dos and truth to be told, a little extension beyond the usual serves of nuggets, hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks would actually help an empty stomach quite a bit.

Muse by Watsons latest; Indeed Pepta-Bright
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Craving a romantic intimacy with a loved one is another thing. Often in movies, there is no talk; extreme silence is quite obvious as all eyes are glued on to the big screen ahead. Henceforth, for couples, you could say that there are many things that are left to be desired; so it is quite a good thing that a little restful conversation after a long day would help enhance the movie experience altogether.

The Seating Area
The more formal setting

So what is Indulge you ask? Indulge is a fine-dine movie experience like no other; with plush cushioned seatings and an intimate table setting of four spread evenly all around a cosy room. Lights are kept low, with each table decorated with candles swaying gently to the jazz sounds played above.

Two cinema halls are at your disposal; each fitted with comfortable reclining chairs with personal call-waiter services that can seat up to 32 viewers at one go while the other at a restful 40.

With the Top 3 best dressed; Cindy Tong (Grand Prize Winner) , Caroline Ng (1st Runner Up) and Sabby Prue (2nd Runner Up)

Redefining cinema heights to a whole new level, cinematic experience for TGV  is extremely important regardless of age or movie experience. Suitable for private and corporate functions with catering included, their menu variety is carefully selected; providing delectable meals for any tasteful palette; and always leaving customers wanting a little more.

The delectable menu by Indulge; TGV Cinemas

I was honestly a little surprised when I saw the menu pricing because for fine dining, prices can usually soar from RM45 a dish above.

With nothing over the price of RM30 (equal range from RM8 - RM30); each serving had a rather generous portion; and between you and me, a four course range consisting of a salad, entree, a main and a dessert would be more than enough to satisfy a rather famished stomach.

Smoked Duck Salad; RM15
Pumpkin Salad; RM15
Stuffed Potato Skins; RM12
Lamb Koftas; RM14

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Indulge;TGV Cinemas, sampling a full 10-course menu in one sitting was definitely a unique experience but I do have to admit that each cuisine was superb. Personally, I favored the Smoked Duck Salad and the Cajun Chicken in particular.

Each dish would leave your taste buds wanting more and the best part is that every single plating indulgence is at an affordable range; in which TGV has made it possible for anyone anywhere to experience the feel of exclusivity and fine dining.

Cajun Chicken; RM20
Grilled Lamb Rack; RM28, Cajun Chicken; RM20 and Grilled Salmon; RM28
Nutty Tortilla Banana; RM12
Panna Cotta; RM12

As for the cinematic experience, it was extremely comfortable and very cosy. Donning a full couple seating system, each armchair had a button to the left that could adjust just how low you would like the recliner to go. There was an ample amount of space for viewers to put their feet up along with fluffy warm blankets situated at the edge of each seat.

Indulge; Cinema 2
The seating area

For those of you who are wondering how ordering in to the cinema is done from the Asian and Western inspired menu that was specially created by TGV Cinema's in-house chefs, you can do so by making an order with your personal call waiter. Simply press the call button on your left, make your order and soon your food will be presented to you in a lovely bento set, in which chunkier items will be cut into smaller portions for easy handling.

Myself and Mira
(Picture Courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia)

One thing to take note of ladies is that try not wear super high heels when coming along here. This is because heading up to the Indulge Cinema does require a fair bit of walking and the stairs to go up to is a little steep. However with proper heels or shoes, it should be quite alright.


Name: Indulge, TGV 1 Utama
Price: RM 45
Contact Number: 03 77222590
Official Page:

A big thank you goes out to TGV Cinemas and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for allowing us to indulge in this wonderful experience and for those of you who are curious, tickets for all movies at Indulge are at RM45 per sub (meals not included) and if you would like to find out more on their menu, do head on over to this link. After all, as quoted by Sarah Jessica Parker, "Every once in a girl has to indulge herself" right?



  1. We surely have to all do this again!

  2. I died with jealousy here in Melaka XD you guys had so much fun!

    1. We missed you Mieza dear! Though don't worry next time we do it; we do together k? Muaccks!


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