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Ginvera Marvel White Skincare Review

Ginvera Marvel White

As mentioned in my last Ginvera's post, the Marvel White Skincare range is the latest combination of Shiso and Green Tea that not only creates fairer and blemish free skin but also has a double whitening function series that removes blackheads in one simple painless step.

At Ginvera Marvel White Launch

It sounds pretty amazing and as we had the opportunity to attend the launch which was a beautifully thought out marriage sequence between the two, I do believe a post on the products is due after sampling them for a good two weeks.

Step 1: Ginvera's Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel 

First up we have our hero product which is Ginvera's Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel. This is a marvelous product on my account. The results are immediate and the it works extremely gentle on your skin. Impurities will run right off the first time it's used on the face and will leave your skin feeling extremely supple and fresh.


How Do You Use?

1. Make sure your face is clean and dry. If you have makeup on, do use a makeup remover to clear your skin.

2. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingers and apply it to your face.

3. Gently massage the product to your skin in circular motions until you see your dead skin cells being removed.

4. Rinse off the impurities with water and wipe your face clean with a facial cloth.

Massage the product in circular motion until you see the removal of dead skin cells
Rinse off the impurities and you will be left with smoother and brighter skin 

1. Pores become visibly smaller
2. Brighter complexion and smoother skin
3. No redness nor pain
4. Blackheads removed

Overall I am loving the Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel by Ginvera and I can see why it's a star product among their Marvel White Skincare collection. Retailing at RM25.90 for a 40g tube, this is a well worth buy so do check it out if you have a chance.

Step 2: Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam

Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam

Right after you have used the Marvel Gel, the next step is to do a deep cleanse to your face using the Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam. I found this cleanser to be quite thick actually but after mixing it with water in the palm of you hand and applying it to your face, it settles to a white refreshing foam that gives the skin a very cooling and smooth feel.


How Do You Use?

1. Squeeze a small amount to the palm of your hand.

2. Mix and lather with water till you get a foamy texture.

3. Apply it on your face in gentle circular motions.

4. Rinse it off well and pat dry.

Get it to a foamy texture
Rinse off to clean and smooth skin

1. Skin becomes refreshing and clean
2. Leaves a soothing scent
3. Easy to rinse off
4. Leaves the skin with a radiant glow 

I love the scent on this product but I did wish that it had a little more of a lightweight texture to it as I am not really a big fan of thick foamy cleansers. Retailing at RM15.90 for a 100g tube, it's not a bad buy but for a more effective use of the Marvel White Skincare, you can always give this a go together with their other line of products.

Step 3: Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner

Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner

Now let's talk about the Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner. Upon application, this product was extremely easy to absorb onto the face. It reminded me a little of a facial mist spray as the packaging did adhere similarly to one.


How To Use?

1. Take the product and hold it a few centimeters away from the product as to avoid wastage.

2. Spray 1 full pump on your face.

3. Take a clean cotton pad and dab it evenly over your face.

4. Alternatively if you would like to be more precise, you can also spray on the product onto the cotton pad as well.


1. No sticky or oily feel to the skin
2. Extremely lightweight
3. Skin feels nourished and soft
4. Evens out the skin-tone

I try not to use toners that often as I have dry skin but this particular one was so lightweight, I did not feel any form of it on my face after application. Retailing at RM18.90 for a 150ml packaging, it's actually quite affordable and my skin actually feels more supple thanks to it.

Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion

Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion

Now let's talk about the Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion. This can be used for day and night and leaves the skin looking flawless and moisturized.


How To Use?

1. Pump out a small amount onto the tip of your fingers.

2. Massage it gently in between your fingers and apply it to your face.

3. Dab it well and let the product sink in.

4. You can apply more of it if you would like but edo nsure that application is spread out evenly across the face.

After Application

1. Skin becomes moisturized
2. Great scent
3. Extremely lightweight
4. Has great moisturizing properties

I honestly love this lotion. It acts as a great moisturizer for me during the day and gives a very lightweight feel when applied. The scent lingers for about an hour or so but it is not a heavy scent, more like a soothing talc like fragrance. Retailing at RM25.90 for a 50ml bottle, it's extremely gentle and is a great buy for anyone who is out looking to purchase a good daily use lotion.

The Complete Ginvera Marvel White Skincare Range

Overall the Ginvera Marvel White Skincare Range is quite promising and I have to say that it is a great value for money. Even if you were to total up all four products; the amount would be less than RM100 which to me is quite fantastic.

I was an avid user of their Ginvera Green Tea Spot Gel back in the day so I can tell you that Ginvera does give it their all when it comes to making their products work the best for your skin.

Ginvera Green Tea Spot Gel

If you would like to know more about the Marvel White Skincare range, you can always click on the links below or head over to Watsons, Guardian, Caring, AEON, Tesco, Giant, The Store, Econsave, Billion, Bintang, Parkson, Uda Ocean, Chinese Medical Halls and other leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Ginvera Official Website:
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