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Ginvera Marvel White Skincare Launch

Ginvera's Marvel White Skincare Launch

Upon attending Ginvera's whimsical marriage of their latest joint venture of Ms Green-Tea and Mr.Shiso (which I will explain in a minute) last week, I was delighted to find that Ginvera had finally unveiled and launched their latest Marvel White skincare range.

The wedding theme of Ms. Green Tea and Mr.Shiso

Held at Full House Cafe at Cheras, the whole venue was swept up in wedding themed glamour, from cascading rose petals, beautiful white decorated chairs along with pastel mint dresses . If you can remember some of the postings that I had done on Instagram, it is now time to showcase what went down during the event.

PS: You would need to forgive me on the photo quality as these shots were taken with my iPhone due to having a little mishap with my camera on the way to the launch.

Seeing that it has been some time since we have heard much on Ginvera; since it's Green Tea Collection in 2002, the new Marvel White skincare range has now been revamped with the added benefits of Shiso to offer its customers with fair and blemish free skin. Creating not only fair but flawlessly fair skin, this dual function skincare range brings immediate benefits and results to the user just after one use.

Product Demonstration

Shiso: A natural active ingredient with anti-inflammatory benefits. Prevents the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples and gives soothing relief to any form of redness or itchiness on the skin.

Green Tea: It is a strong anti-oxidant that tones and moisturize the skin while delaying the skin's ageing process. Reduces the damage from sun rays which is excellent for those who are concerned with pigmentation or wrinkles.

I think what really amazed me during the product demonstration was Ginvera's Marvel Gel, which had also gone through a remake since it's first introduction in 2002. As blackheads, acne, scars and pimples are a common problem that we often face daily, you can see that Ginvera Marvel Gel also threads suitably for the younger female consumers who are looking for multiple benefits in a quick and effective way.

Ginvera's Marvel White Skincare Range

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel: RM25.90 for 40ml

Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam: RM13.90 for 100g

Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner: RM18.90 for 150ml

Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion: RM25.90 for 50ml

As I would like to give a more in-depth view to of the Marvel White Skincare Range, it would be best for me to do a separate post in review of the products. However, until then, you can find out more information by hitting up Ginvera's Facebook Page at

Complete Picture

Ginvera Marvel White skincare range is available in Watsons, Guardian, Caring, AEON, Tesco, Giant, The Store, Econsave, Billion, Bintang, Parkson, Uda Ocean, Chinese medical halls and other leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets.


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