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KLAIRS Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish Review

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Reviewing Klair's Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish over the past weekend has been an absolutely fab experience. I am usually not a big fan of scrubs and exfoliators of sorts due to dry skin but this facial polish left quite an impression on me.

Usually facial polishes can be a little rough on the skin *due to the need of removal of dead skin cells* but Klair's Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish was quite gentle due to the usage of the smaller particles found in it's black and brown sugar.

Opening Klair's Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

To be honest, I was a little afraid that my skin would turn up all dry and red after the usage but my fears were put to rest as the Klair's Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish also had shea butter which managed to lock in the moisture and boost the other active antioxidants with deep penetration to the skin.

Upon unveiling, I found that  Klair's Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish reminded me a little of the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask which I had used to revitalize and cleanse my face back in the day. However unlike the bulky 100g packaging that Skinfood Black Sugar Mask had, this one was a little more travel friendly at 60g; allowing it's user to carry it around with them wherever they go.

1st swatch

1. Use a small spatula to scoop out a pea-size amount of the product onto your hand.
2. Add 2-3 drops of water to smooth the texture out.
3. Apply the product to your face and massage it in light circular motions.
4. Rinse thoroughly and apply toner and moisturizer.

2nd swatch

While I was not a big fan of the herbal/lemon-y type fragrance, the effect that the product had left on my skin after washing it off was amazing. Fresh, smooth and supple would be the best way to describe it. With natural ingredients, I would say that it did a splendid job in removing dead skin cells.

The Four Free System for Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

No Alcohol
No Animal Testing
No Paraben
No Artificial Coloring

However, the one thing that I did wish Klairs would come up with was to provide a little spatula to take the product out of it's packaging to apply on the face. This is just for hygienic purposes but seeing as the product did not come with it, you can always opt to use a clean finger or maybe a small applicator to scoop out the product if you are a tad o.c.d like me.

Much love

For optimum results it is best to use the product at least once or twice a week. Overall I would say that the product did really well in terms of what it's description claims that it does and the best part of it all was there were absolutely no side effects or irritation to the skin after usage. It is a great addition to add in to any beauty stash and at an affordable price tag of RM79.00 (now RM63.20) at Natta Cosme for a tube of 60g, it is well worth the purchase.

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  1. the 60g jar is so cute! from your picture, I think Klairs is finer than my Skinfood Black Sugar Mask.

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