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The 1st International Makeover Review

So I am pretty sure that most have you have been curious on what events have been occurring during my weekend calender since my last Instagram post. If you haven't checked it out yet, do give it a go as I have some mighty fine news to share with you that is going to make your day a whole lot brighter.

The 1st International Makeover is something that is simply quite record breaking; crossing over 12 countries offering the best of the best; from makeup, hairdo to groundbreaking photography by top professional photographers.

Makeup by Fish; Celebre Image Professional Makeup Artist

Usually the standard for a top notch photographer along with a professionally lit studio can cost a person up to RM500 an hour, but the crew at the 1st International Makeover defies that ground by offering their services across Asia and Australia to anyone anywhere who enjoys artistic or strong modelling shots.

The Various Make Up used during the shoot

You would also honestly needn't worry about the type of makeup or hairdo that goes on as Celebre Image professional makeup artists will take care of the works; giving you the best look that goes well together with your outfit; be it soft, strong or at even artistic balances.

After Makeup

As for me, I would usually opt for something natural but since this was a unique experience, I decided to go with a more dewy look; resulting in a rather fair and even out complexion for my outfit of the day which consisted a beautiful turquoise skirt and a soft chiffon top.

Makeup and Hairdo done; complete with the assist of natural lighting

As you can see from these shots; the makeup was completely flawless and the wavy hairdo was flowed fantastically. These shots were taken against the natural light so even the color of the makeup to the dress turned out wonderfully.

Different personalities, different looks

One thing to note, is that the outfits are completely up to you and your creative ability; so remember to mix and match your colors and shapes well and you will be all set to go. After all, your outfits are the reflection of who you are so different outfits will curate different looks.

Photo Courtesy of The First International Makeover
Photo Credits to: Jeddi Images

As this photograph was from our last indoor shot; we decided to sport this stylish limited edition black T-shirt from The 1st International Makeover. So if you were wondering why the T-shirt change from white to black, this would probably be it.This was such a comfortable T-Shirt that I actually wore it out for dinner with the family later on.

With regards to the shots, I would always say each to their own, but as we had two separate photographers for the session (one from TJ&Co Sdn Bhd and the other from Jeddi Images) both photographers were equally fantastic and their warm guidance served each photo well. Each shot was different from the rest; noting closely on the variety of color displays; depth of field, photo exposure and the sharpness of each photograph taken.

Artistic Shot by Jeddi Images

Looking back at the photos, I would think it is quite clear to say that there is not one shot that I absolutely do not adore and I would have to say that it is a rather difficult task in choosing a favorite amongst such a variety of fabulous shots.

Group Shot with the crew

So having all this packaged into one; what is the price you ask? Well simple; RM50. Yes I kid you not. What a mind blown moment right? However in order to get a booking for that fee that comes inclusive with an awesome meal from San Nae Deul which is only valid to the end of this month, you can kindly leave a message below.

As this is limited to a certain amount due to spots selling out pretty fast; a simple session of 25 people will be allowed - don't worry you can choose between Saturday and Sunday. So in closing; we will be taking in comments up to 25 bookings only up to the 27th of August. As I understand that private messaging for the session can be quite frustrating so a simple comment below with your name, contact details and number of pax is quite fine. Just a small note to consider though. The shooting frame for this price is up to the end of this month and photograph sessions are up only during the weekends.

However just for my readers, there is a also a Friday session (29th August) for personal/friends professional  shoot but for this, you will need to state your name, mention *special request;Friday session slot*, contact details and number of pax below so that I will be able to put in a special request for you.

You would also have a choice of having your shots taken in the morning or in the afternoon session so it is honestly quite up to you to decide around what time you would like to have your pictures taken. Oh and mind you, a competition is also currently going on; where the panel will be selecting two best photographs to win the Grand Prize of a Mercedez Benz A250 (2 x units). Fabulous right? So time to work on those expressions!


Event:  Empire, Damansara Perdana (up till the 30th of August 2014)

Inclusive: Professional Photography, Hair, Makeup, A Scrumptious Meal from San Nae Deul and a limited edition 1,000,000 Record Breaking T-Shirt

Price: RM50

In the meantime, I hope this has been a rather fruitful discovery for you and I truly hope that you will have tons of fun at your shooting as I have had with mine. A big thumbs up to Highlight Event Management for having this fabulous session and much love towards the start of the week everyone!



  1. Hi shivani,

    May I just know what the time slots are like? Just so that I know how to schedule my time. Thank you!!


    1. Hi babe, time slots are as such:

      Friday; Depending as it is on special request
      Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 6pm

      Let me know your pax soonest so I can reserve for you a slot k? ;)


  2. Hi! I had to re-read for it to be not a dream. RM50 for a photo shoot? I wantttt!

    Name: Julianna Balasan
    Contact: 012-2424353
    Number of pax: 2 (male can?)

    Hopefully can do on Saturday afternoon, I have to move my stuff in the morning.

    Thanks for sharing and you had such a great time plus you look so lovely!

    1. Awwh thanks for the lovely comments love <3 and yeap no worries guys can also do the shoot ;)

      So will give your deets to them and book you in for 2 pax this Saturday afternoon ;) They also do couple shots btw :)


    1. Awwh thanks sweetie <3 You want to book in with them as well? 23 spots left for a limited time ;) I'm sure you will look gorgeous!

  4. okay babe!

    Name: Aliza Sara
    Contact: 0122446261 / (mind emailing their official website and location?)
    No of pax: 3
    Day and time: Saturday, 10ish/ 10.30am

    One question, each person will get their own individual shot + photos to take back right?
    looking forward to looking as fabulous as you are!

    Thanks love, xx

    1. Yeap babe will pass your contact to them and book the slot for you for 3 pax. They will get in contact with you on the rest, no worries.

      And yeap each person will have their own individual shots along with group shots as well ;) All in all it's a win win situation on both ends :)

  5. Replies
    1. Awwh thanks sweetie <3 You should give them a go; it's a really fabulous package and extremely worth it. 20 slots left ;)

    2. I would love to but have to go to a friend's wedding this saturday! Or else I'll surely give it a shot. Never had any experience for photoshoots >.< *shy*

    3. Awh shucks ; dont worry they have slots on Friday and Sunday too - there's always a first for everything :)

  6. name Sherry Siok Sim
    *special request;Friday session slot*


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