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Styling with Milktee Online Fashion Boutique

Styling with MILKTEE

MILKTEE has always brought us great indie-design tees for some time now but currently the brand has been shaking things up with a more refined and polished apparel; whilst carrying a wide range of ready to wear garments for women, accessories and handbags that are extremely chic and stylish.

By keeping things simple and sweet that fit both to comfort and style, MILKTEE takes a spin on trendy attires, from casual and classic cuts whilst keeping current, with each piece conveying a carefree and no fuss attitude.

As many of us often enjoy the relaxation of shopping online from home, MILKTEE also creates a lifestyle of convenience for anyone's shopping experience with value-driven and customer-focused service. Launched in 2010 specializing in ready to wear tees,MILKTEE has since expanded launching in 2012, their own in house label that curate a mix of quality products with an affordable price tag of less than RM100 per piece.

Donning MILKTEE Scribble Shift Dress

As we know, MILKTEE is all about being simple and stylish and taking a look at the Scribble Shift Dress, this labels the outfit as a great fit with a classic style; adding the scribbles for an effortless trendsetting look. Add on a few accessories and your outfit would be made.

MILKTEE Geometric A-Line Skirt

Keeping with a sweet and polished look, it's time to swap in those pants for a more casual apparel for the weekend. This Geometric A-Line Skirt does the trick and by keeping things a delightful pastel for the top, the skirt will do all the talking to make your outfit a statement piece.

The Sheer Floral Cover Up by MILKTEE

Now as mentioned in ELLE Malaysia on the Spring/Summer 2015 trends; sheer is coming back into fashion and the easiest way of being mysteriously captivating to another is simply by being subtle without having to show too much skin. This Sheer Floral Cover Up by MILKTEE creates a perfect balance of that and also gives an extremely comfortable feel on any day out.

Currently MILKTEE has just release their Spring 2015 Collection on their online website so if you are looking to check it out, you can do so via the links below. Free postage will be given on orders RM55 and above througout Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak, where else orders below RM55 will be at a charge of RM5 shipping fees only.

MILKTEE Official Website :
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