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Giveaway Announcement

Giveaway Announcement

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Wear Your Story with MilkyB


The Launch of MilkyB

Bringing the daring, the the unique and the adventurous all in one go might seem a little overwhelming to some, especially when it comes to the intricate designs of lingerie, but for founders Shahir and Zueryn, it is became a challenging feat which brought them to greater heights and had launched their latest outlet of success, MilkyB in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

The founders of MilkyN, Shahir and Zueryn

Incidentally, MilkyB came about through both founders love for shopping and soon a central focus took place on the raised question of creativity in the lingerie departments in Malaysia. As MilkyB took center stage, each delicate design molded a story, whether it was in relation to the person who you were growing into or to the type of apparels that you would want to wear on a daily basis.

The Pride of MilkyB

1) Quality products
2) Top notch materials sourced from overseas
3) Soft and comfortable to wear
4) Beautiful designs

MilkyB Blurry Obsession in Bright Pink; (Comes in a set at RM119)
MilkyB Date Night in Navy Blue (Comes in a set at RM169)
MilkyB Date Night in Peach Pink (Comes in a set at RM169)

Engaging well with their customers, MilkyB has 12 collections to date and each one is made suitable to range from playful teens to sophisticated adults. Keeping with a clean layout at their concept store, their color variants are extremely attractive as well so if you would like to have a look, do give them a visit in Bangsar at Jalan Telawi 3.

MilkyB's 12 Designer Collections

1) MilkyB Blossom Sugar
2) MilkyB Blurry Obsession
3) MilkyB Playful Princess
4) MilkyB Soulmate
5) MilkyB Date Night
6) MilkyB Lady Lush
7) MilkyB Gossip Girl
8) MilkyB BFF
9) MilkyB Highschool Sweetheart
10) MilkyB First Kiss
11) MilkyB Love Bait
12) MilkyB Barely Naked

The Outlet of MilkyB in Bangsar
Fun Fact!

"MilkyB came about from the founders pet cat named MilkyBee." 

Milky was because of how she looked and B (short-form for Baby) was because of how much she was adored by the founders.

With nothing over the price of RM200, MilkyB is an extremely affordable buy and gives a very personal touch when compared to plenty of the mainstream stores that we often see out there. However if you would like to know more, you can head on over to their Facebook Page or to their Official Website for more updates and information.


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