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Gifting ideas with SK-II Christmas Sets from ZALORA Malaysia

Celebrating Christmas with SK-II

Think of those sweet scented candles burning bright, the delicious aroma of cookies baking in the oven and that beautifully set up tree of twinkly lights.

Yes my friends, the Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the joy of giving. Of course the thought of picking out a present might be a tricky one but with the abundance of love and generosity that comes about this festive season, a memorable gift is always a lovely fit to each and every one of your family members, friends and loved ones.


Speaking of which, looking at the joyful year that lies ahead, ZALORA Malaysia is having some pretty awesome Christmas Specials right now so it's time to lay back in the comfort of your home and check out out their latest gift sets that are only available during Christmas festivities. * You know just in case you have been racking your brain on what to get for that certain someone special this year*

The Gift Sets from SK-II from ZALORA Malaysia

Now keeping in mind that SK-II has been around for a rather long time, it is no wonder that their Christmas sets have been flying off shelves the moment they have been announced but seeing that their latest collection has been formulated with the magical essence of Pitera and designed with a rather beautiful packaging, I would definitely pen it down as a must have in your Christmas gift list this year.

The Christmas Set priced at RM1,143.00
Individual Purchase at RM974

( SK-II Best Essential Set + The Festive Set)

The Set
Compilation of Products

The above of what you see is SK-II's Best Essential Set which if purchased individually will retail at RM974. However, this Christmas, there will be an addition of The Festive Set *mentioned below* which will include a Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, a Clear Beauty Care and Control Cream and one Color Clear Beauty Moisture Sheer Lipstick; and all this will only be going for RM 1,143.00. So your savings for these two sets would be a whopping RM913 from it's retail price of RM2,056.

What's included in the SK-II's Best Essential Set / Christmas Set:

Facial Treatment Essence

Containing more than 90% Pitera, this much loved miracle water is a must have for healthy radiant skin. It helps to maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. It also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturized.

Facial Treatment Repair C

This serum gently reduces the appearance of fine lines in just 2 weeks, improving skin texture so it becomes crystal clear. It's unique blend of concentrated Pitera and nature's moisture magnets work to help maintain skin renewal to its normal 28 day cycle, leaving skin pumped with moisture and feeling velvety smooth.

Facial Treatment UV Protection

Rich in SK-II Pitera and moisturizers, but also contains an advance UV protection system (SPF 25) to provide more than the minimum recommended daily UVA and UVB protection level to help prevent premature aging. Leaves the skin feeling moisturized, fresh and light.

Facial Treatment Mask

This intensive moisture boosting mask is enriched with Pitera which deeply hydrates the skin. Reviving and relaxing, it leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal.

The Festive Set priced at RM1,143.00
Individual purchase at RM719.00

( SK-II Best Essential Set + The Festive Set)

The Festive Set
Compilation of Products

Up here you will see The Festive Set; which is the addition on to SK-II's Basic Essential for the Christmas Special. Locked in at RM1,143 for both , these products can also be purchase separately at RM719 (though I think it's currently out of stock)

What's included in the SK-II's Festive Set:

Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser:

Infused with Pitera and white willow extract. this foam cleanser with natural rose scent cleanses impurities around and inside pores while enveloping your skin with silky smoothness.

Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream
A nourishing and natural looking makeup base that gives 12 hour care and moisture control. Rich with skincare ingredients, including Pitera and three colors of pearly ingredients to match any skin tone naturally and make pores virtually invisible.

Color Clear Beauty Moisture Sheer Lipstick

Moisturizes your lips, leaving them sheer and voluptuous. Cream base contains a blend of Pitera and oligopeptide compound to reduce lip lines.

SK-II Men Hugo Boss Essential Set priced at RM317

SK-II Men Hugo Boss Essential Set

Last but not least not forgetting our men, SK-II has got something special up their sleeve with their SK-II Men Hugo Boss Essential Set. Retailing at RM317, this is a great buy for any successfully driven men.

What's included in SK-II Men Hugo Boss Essential Set

Men Facial Treatment Essence

Contains over 90% Pitera, the active ingredient at the core of every SK-II product, in just 14 days. skin becomes smoother, firmer, less oily and vibrantly clear.

Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled EDT

Top Note: Apple, Citrus Fruits
Heart Note: Geranium, Cinnamon and Cloves
Base Note: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Vanilla

And of course, here is the announcement for all you boys and girls out there who love ZALORA Malaysia, for now you will be able to get two fantastic discounts for both ZALORA and ZALORA Marketplace up till the 25th of February 2015. So simply key in the codes below and get a little treat for yourself while you are at it for this voucher code can be used each time you make a purchase at ZALORA.

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For more updates on ZALORA and their upcoming Christmas sets and collection, do go to this link but till then, enjoy and have a fantastic Christmas everyone!


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