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Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lipsticks and "Give Them Nightmares" Eyeshadow Palette Review

Makeup Revolution London

It's not often that I pick up makeup products for myself but lately the items from Makeup Revolution London had me intrigued. High pigmentation with classy hues together with a teasing mix of revolutionary colors; each to their own has long lasting wear and well thought out formulation.

First launched in London,I have heard many raves about their beauty line; especially on their eyeshadows and how wonderfully deep and creamy each of their colors settled well onto the eyelids.So hence, when Makeup Revolution London was brought to Malaysia (cruelty free with a very affordable price tag I might add) I figured to give them a go and try them out. 

Lipstick Shades

Being a stickler in practically every beauty item I own in my vanity, I enjoy a good mix of playful hues to classic colors. Lipsticks of course applies here, so I opted for five beautiful shades at RM8 each; *Left to Right* from Scandalous Crime, 100% Vamp, Lipstick Twist, Scandalous Immoral and Scandalous Depraved.

Swatches; From Top Left to Bottom Right
(Scandalous Crime, Lipstick Twist, 100% Vamp, Scandalous Depraved and Scandalous Immoral)

All five shades are absolutely stunning and I particularly favor the two colors on the top; which is Scandalous Crime and Lipstick Twist. These two out of the lot had a very creamy formulation together with a hint of pink and white glitter to make the lips look a little bit more plump and fuller.

However, one thing to note about these colors is that some of them are quite sheer and this is notable with the blue shade; Scandalous Immoral. This hue might be good for color mixing but as a stand alone color, I would recommend to apply it evenly as a top coat with a lip brush as it does not settle in well to chapped or dry lips. Nonetheless, these are pretty fun colors to play with, so if you are the adventurous type, it's time to head on over to Makeup Revolution London and give them a go.

"Give Them Nightmares" Makeup Revolution London 18 Shade Palette

Now let us talk about their eyeshadow palettes. If you didn't know already, Makeup Revolution London has a vast collection of eyeshadows carrying various types from shimmer to matte, depending on the preference that you would like to try out. Makeup Revolution London carries 12,18,32,36 and 100 shade palettes, so if you are looking for something for both day and night use with a higher variety of colors, you can always opt for the 100 shade palette which retails for RM97 nett.

The first 12 primary shade swatches

However seeing that I go for specific colors, I decided to take up the 18 eyeshadow palette in "Give Them Nightmares" and boy oh boy am I never going back. This 18 shade palette retails at RM48 nett and gives such beautiful metallic hues and long term wear with absolutely no fall out whatsoever upon application.

Stronger wear can definitely be done with a primer but to be honest with this palette, you really don't need one. I did an exemplary 12 swatch for a closer view on the primary shades above and as you can see, the colors really do stand out on their own.

Full Look

Whilst heading out the next day, I gave the palette a gradual mix of purple hues and the gradient like effect turned out pretty fantastic; giving the eyes a very strong in-depth look. It's play of shadows gave the eyes a bigger effect; creating a more deeper crease and basically giving the lids a more amplified result.

I have yet to try the Awesome Metal Eye Foils in Rose Gold, but I think I will save that review for another day. However if you were to ask me what makes Makeup Revolution so revolutionary; I would always tell you that it would be because of their eyeshadows, for their colors and pigments does indeed live up to the reviews online and never disappoint. Their lipsticks however depends on your individual preference but like I'd always say that at such an affordable price point, there is no harm in experimenting and giving a go at their color play.

So what do you think?

So in the meantime, if you would like to know more about Makeup Revolution London, you can always head on over to their Official Website of Facebook Page. If I am not mistaken, there is also a current promotion going on where if you make a purchase over RM50, you will receive a free gift from Makeup Revolution London as well. So in other words, happy shopping everyone!



  1. Awesome review babe! Love the lip colors on you. And the shadows are amazing right? :D

    1. Thanks love <3 The shadows are pretty amazing, I was pleasantly surprised how vibrant each of them turned out on the eyelids ^^

  2. SO lawa lah you!!! <3

  3. Shivani! i takut nak guna all the colour. tapi dengan u cantik je semua :)

    1. Awh you're too sweet la Innanie *hugs* The colors for this palette is quite deep; very beautiful for a night look; but Makeup Revolution London also has a stunning array of natural shadows as well; so you can always pick from there as well for reference :)

  4. Aaaahhh seeing everybody playing with Makeup Revo stuff is making my hands itchy! You look gorgeous as usual, babe. :D

    1. Awh thanks babe ^^ And I know right? I am loving their eyeshadows by far, looking forward to seeing more palettes from them in the future :)

  5. i love all the colours here!!! you're definitely the right person lah Shiv to use all these nightmare colours, hehe!

    1. It's so pretty right? Ah got to love dark hues; brings out a very mysterious side lol


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