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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen OMGel!

The brand Sally Hansen is known to most of us and I think in the most conventional way, it is one of the first few brands that launched our love for vibrant hues together with the usage of nail polish. The background of the brand is not quite known but I am here to tell the tale of how it started back in the 1950s.

Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails"

You see, throughout her life, Sally Hansen struggled with weak nails, making her receptive to all forms of breakage and peeling while leaving her with short untrimmed and  un-manicured nails. As much as she tried to keep them, all trials failed leaving her completely saddened on how she was unable to maintain her nails as much as she had tried. As such, one fine day, a protection formula called “Hard As Nails” was born.

The launch of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel

Formulated together with her chemist husband, Sally Hansen pioneered in this and after more than 60 years, this is still one of Sally Hansen’s main attractions in all of her nail-care products. 

Needless to say, her variety is given a driven focus on nail care rather than the mass formulation of hues that is like most nail polishes out there and hence has been one of the most trusted brands that gives out full credibility to their users in terms of their motto, ethics and branding. Being the number one brand in nail color and care, Sally Hansen’s customer service definitely comes first and their stand by their philosophy is matched like no other.

“Educate the consumer and develop quality, practical products that were competitively prices and easy to use.”

Following up with this respective quote, Sally Hansen launched their latest Miracle Gel that works wonderfully amongst age groups of 18 to 44 years old. 

Seeing how wide the target market is, you must be wondering on the color variety, so I am here to tell you that the whole range comprises of 45+ hues in the United States, however the availability of the collection in Malaysia is only at 11 shades.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shades Available in Malaysia

110 Birthday Suit
160 Pinky Promise
190 Pinky Ring
210 Pretty Piggy
240 B Girl
270 Street Flair
290 Grey Matter
320 Short Cir-Cute
330 Redgy
380 Malibu Peach
410 Wet My Thistle

The colors available in Malaysia

Now as limited as this may be for us Malaysian folk who places adoration on vibrant colors, you needn't worry for their best sellers are most definitely within our grasps. You see the 11 shades that are present in stores ranges in solid pastels from light nudes to minty greens. 

Diversity is key here and if you are a fan of these colors, they have been already been made available to the market at RM34.90. You can find them at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Parkson, Caring Pharmacies and AEON 1 Utama.

The application of the 1st coat in B Girl
The gloss and sheen after the application

Application is very smooth although I have to say that I really adore their brush applicator. The pick up of the product is great for it has absolutely no clump plus it gives out a wonderfully even sheen when applied on the nails which is completely hassle free.

Using Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Striper in 220 Red
The Complete Look

I think what is interesting about this is its gel formulation. Now for those of you that do gel manicures, you would know how the process goes; with each layer being put under white UV light, hardening it nicely before the respective design goes on the top. 

Now imagine this. How about a gel nail polish that does not need UV light? That has fast application and that actually hardens within a minute while giving it a vibrant sheen as it does so?
Miracle Gel Nail Color

14 days of supreme gel shine
2 simple steps
No light needed
Soak Free Removal

Sample Christmas Nail Designs
Own Christmas Nail Design using Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel

Surprisingly enough, the Miracle Gel only take two coats of the formulation to make each color stand out and for that beautiful sheen, you would just need to apply Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Top Coat for that long lasting effect. So simply put; your nails will look beautiful, unchipped and won't be damaged in the long run.

So if you are looking to make a purchase of Miracle Gel, Sally Hansen is currently having a special promotion just for the holiday season with their Christmas Duo Set for the price of RM52.90. Compromising of 1 Nail Color and 1 Top Coat valued at RM69.80, this set is a great buy for any of your loved ones.

For more updates and information, do visit Sally Hansen at their Official Facebook Page or at their Official Website.


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