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Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Launch

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Range

It is said that a little moisture on the skin goes a long way and with the well known Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ latest launch of it's Ceramidin range, the products included does definitely show promise. However, as many of us already have plenty of moisturizing products on our shelves as it is, what we are going to look at today is how beneficial the Ceramidin range is going to be for our skin.

The three products

Now for those of you that do not know what Ceramidin does, it is made to create a protective barrier to the skin to keep in the moisture and the microorganisms out. So in other words, it prevents excessive water loss due to evaporation and enhances skin restoration and recovery from damage. 

Trying out the products

As for the three products introduced during the launch, it was presented as the Ceramidin Liquid, Ceramidin Cream and Ceramidin Light Cream. Full details on them are down below for reference.

Product Specifications:

1. Ceramidin Liquid (All in One Toner, Essence, Emulsion, Booster & Serum);150 ml at RM129
2. Ceramidin Cream (Moisturizer);  50ml at RM149
3. Ceramidin Light Cream (Light Moisturizer), 90g at RM129

Ceramidin Liquid

To begin with, the Ceramidin Liquid adheres to a two step system which will then follow up with the usage of the Ceramidin Cream. Plus since this is an all in one toner/essence/serum, it also has a thick yet somewhat watery consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin.

I think the one thing that we were pleasantly surprised during the event with was that when upon swatch, this product not only hydrates the skin but in terms of long-wear; it continuously moisture and allows the skin to retain that moisture throughout the day. It has e a rather fresh herbal fragrance to it as well but other than that, I would say that it is highly recommended for those with really dry or aging skin.

Ceramidin Cream

As for the Ceramidin Cream and Light Cream, it is a great product to have for those looking for something lightweight to moisturize the skin. 

It has the power of micro-capsule ceramides that hydrates the skin barrier from within while preventing chronic water loss. This product also enhances the skin's natural strength and function for smoother and softer skin. I would say that this would be best used after the Ceramidin Liquid


Seeing as all Dr. Jart+ ingredients are dermatologist tested, cruelty free with non added formulation, their concept for each product in the Ceramidin range is pretty incredible. Plus while doing the two step demonstration during the event, we noted that the skin also became extremely well hydrated, and brighter which gave a healthy glow to the face as well.

Celebrating Christmas with Dr.Jart+
Christmas Promotions

Now as Christmas is around the corner, Dr. Jart+ will be giving a special promotion to it's customers from great festive gifts ranging from the price tag of RM89 to RM199.

Plus if you have been keeping tags on their Facebook page, you would also know that the "Hey Cera! Green Mask Selfie Challenge" is finally up and ready to go so if you would like to know more about it, link it up over their Official Contest Post.

Ceramidin anyone?
Group Shot

So just in case you are looking for something special for your loved ones this Christmas, do not forget to head over to their Kiosk over at Sunway Pyramid at LG 1.65B. For more information and updates on their products, you can refer to their Official Facebook Page or their Website as well.


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