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Beauty Without a Knife at Ido's Clinic

Medical Director for Ido's Clinic; Dr. Lucas Chia

Alright. So this is going to be a rather educational post on beauty treatments rather than a simple overview on procedures done at aesthetic clinics. This is because I personally feel like we do need some form of  in-depth understanding to what we are getting ourselves into before going in for a certain procedure of choice; be it from dermal fillers to laser treatments.

The prep for the laser treatment

First things first though ladies, keep in mind that aesthetic treatments are NOT plastic surgery. I have been asked this many times before so let me clear the air by saying that they are two completely different things.

Aesthetic treatments are there to focus on the beauty of the skin that is affected by elements such as stress and aging; so most of the time you will see more on skin rejuvenation and well-being from their end where else plastic surgery is to basically correct the features on a more permanent basis.

Reducing skin irregularities and facial wrinkles

Catering towards those 20 years and above, we were introduced to Ido's Clinic where "Beauty Without A Knife" is emphasized for for enhancing the beauty that you already have without altering your current looks. This Singapore/ Malaysia's aesthetic clinic provides new technology innovations to restore balance to the areas that you are uncomfortable with; be with your face, skin texture or body.

Ido's Clinic Representation

1. Safe and Efficient Treatments
2.  FDA Approved with results
3.  Great laser technology
4. No Surgical Treatments
5. Affordable 

Chemical Peel Treatment

During the seminar, Medical Director of Ido's Clinic Dr. Lucas Chia addressed on the topic together with the different mindsets and approach that people often get when they hear about aesthetic treatments. As word of mouth often gets around on this tricky topic, he highlights that Ido's Clinic is not here to make you look different but instead would like to make you look better. After all when you look great and fresh, it would make you feel more confident right?

Various picture differences were also brought out as examples to show what could go wrong in terms of plastic surgery when it can actually be corrected with the assistance of aesthetics; with less pain and with less of a recovery period. However, as all needs to be accounted for, affordability cost and longevity period does play a big part here as certain procedures would be extremely expensive.

Nose Fillers

A live demonstration of a nose filler (augmentation) was conducted by Dr.Lucas Chia as well so for those who are looking to have this procedure done, do take note on the details below. Admittedly the procedure is a little difficult to watch, however rest assure that from the other end, it is not painful at all due to the numbing agent that is given during the treatment.

How a nose filler/augmentation is done:

1. Takes 15-20 minutes

2. No knife; goes through by a simple injection; down the middle of your nose bridge and tip with careful massage and molding at the end.

3. Pain is minimized with the use of fillers that contain a numbing agent called lignocaine at the injected areas.

4.Can last from one to two years.

5. No scar will be left behind; despite contrary belief

What it does:

1. To heighten the nose bridge

2. Refine

3. Creates a subtle difference to your look.

Group Shot

Overall for the most part, I find that it is always best to consult with a beauty adviser at the clinic for what you would like to do so in terms of that; you can always drop by at one of their 11 outlets in Malaysia; linked here. They are extremely helpful and friendly so do not hesitate to ask them anything that you are unsure with.

For more information and updates, you can also check Ido's Clinic on their Official Website and Facebook Page to find out more.


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