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Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

The Nudes Palette by Maybelline

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is the first shadow palette to launch under Maybelline together with their Fall 2014 Dare to Go Nude Collection and this is an exciting one for many due to the fact that this is something that has not been done before by Maybelline or any drugstore brands that we have seen in pharmacy stores nationwide today.

Only introduced in Malaysia in the middle of 2015, it's slim plastic packaging houses 12 neutral panned shadows; a good mix of mattes and shimmer and its definitely quite a fresh take to the usual three to four panned palettes found in drugstores. It reminds me of the Urban Decay 1 Palette for some reason, but after trying it on for a few days, the consistency was pretty much a hit and a miss on some of these.

Swatches No.1 - The first 4 colors

Nonetheless, I will be summarizing the palette down to every four shadows so that you will be able to see the quality of each one that shows up. So starting off from the first four from the top left corner, let's have a look.

These neutral shades found in the palette are very pretty and one thing I noticed about the top color was that even though it might look cream white on the palette, it was actually a peachy shade with an iridescent glitter. It has great pigmentation and acts as an excellent brow bone shade. However, other than the peach and gold tone, the other two are pretty sheer but if you were to amp it up with a primer, it would do alright as well.

Swatches No.2 - The Second Set

As for the second set, these shades are a little muted comparatively to the previous four tones and unfortunately, these were the hit and miss shades that I was not impressed by.

The texture on these are very powdery and does not last long on the lids (a mere 2-3 hours), but on a side note; the bronze one on the ring finger did have a nice smooth consistency. Plus one thing to note is that these shades do not particularly stand out so by going in with a lid primer, you would probably have a stronger color payoff.

Swatches No.3 - The Third Set

Next we have the last four. These warm shades on the other hand was a yes, yes, yes from me. It sets on the lids beautifully and goes on amazingly well without the need for a primer. 

These shades are the true stars of the whole palette as they have beautiful pearly textures and formulation. The only color for me that went on quite pale and streaky was the matte black (what a surprise there) so again, you will definitely need to use a primer for this one in order to make the color stand out.

Overall Thoughts

Alright, overall I will say this. I was pretty excited when I saw that this palette was going to be released in Malaysia, but in terms of how impressed I was by it; sadly it was not too much. The color blend of the warm browns, golds and beige tones are great but unfortunately in terms of textures and formulas, it disappoints.

There are definitely some noteworthy gems in this palette like the warmer and matte tones but unfortunately the shadows are simply not consistent enough to simply have "I must run and go get it" hype.  Plus seeing that the price on this is not cheap either as it retails at RM69.90; this is probably one palette you might want to get if stores like Guardian and Watsons are having a markdown.

Applying the tones on the lids

Overall, this palette would be a good gift for those who are just starting out in makeup and has not experimented with nude shades but for me personally I find that for the price point and quality; I could top it off and get something a little bit more of a better grade. This would also be a nice travel palette to take around with you but then again you would need consider bringing round an eyeshadow primer as the shadows would perform so much better with it.

For more information on the palette, you can head over to Maybelline's Official Facebook Page and Website for further details.



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