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Detoxing? Just Maybe. | Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D

Learning how to detox

Hey everyone, so its the fourth week of New Year and I am still in the midst of putting certain things in order to welcome our little addition to the family. With only having a month at hand, you can only imagine how hectic things have been, but nonetheless I ensure that time is still being made for myself, my family and what I love to do.

Now usually I don't delve too much into my life on this platform, but I do want to discuss about personal well-being and how important it is to set some time to yourself once in awhile - be it 5 minutes or an hour at best.

To Cleanse and Boost

So jump starting to a brand new year (Or more specifically around December 2016), I began on a routine of fresh juices, detoxing and basically all in all cleansing. I couldn't delve into a diet as I was on my third trimester but it was a refreshing start to know that I began my morning that way. It challenged my perception on health and in a conventional way, tricked my mind into eating healthily for the rest of the day as well.

Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D

2 Day Speed Cleansing anyone?

Hence let's talk about Kinohimitsu for a second. The all natural brand recently came up with a 2 Day Speed Cleansing routine suited for Beauty, Boost and Shape, and having 100% real fruits combined with Garcinia Cambogia, Organic Wheatgrass & Collagen, it seemed like a promising aspect.

Being quite familiar with Kinohimitsu over the years, I can certainly tell you that their products do deliver great results over time, especially if you are a consistent user - so to consider a 2 Day Speed Cleanse, did raise a couple of eyebrows at first.

The 3 Variants:

  • Cleanse & Shape: Boosts metabolism and provides an energy lift throughout the day.
  • Cleanse & Beauty: Provides essential nutrients for cell regeneration at night.
  • Cleanse & Boost: Purifies and balance the body's pH levels.

12 Sachets

However to begin, let's just start by saying that this is a safe drink for all soon to be mothers. It is an all in one natural treat that has plant extracts, prebiotic and fruits to gently cleanse the body of any toxic obstructions, so you needn't worry or wonder if it is going to mess with your daily routine.

There are 12 sachets in the pack here and if you are hardcore (or not pregnant), you can do the full cleanse without snacking or eating in between for best results. It's best to drink a lot of water as well following the diagram below.

The 3 Variants

As for yours truly, I was on a full fruits and vegetable regimen for two days with this, and even that was a little difficult on my part as I was eating for two. Sort of took me back to the time when I decided that juice cleansing was a good idea.

Cleansing Regime: (1 out of 2 days)

Start of the morning: Drink 500ml plain water

  • Breakfast: Cleanse & Shape x 2 (Yellow) mixed with 250ml of water
    • In Between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
  • Lunch: Cleanse & Boost x 2 (Green) mixed with 250ml of water
    • In Between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
  • Dinner: Cleanse & Beauty x 2 (Red) mixed with 250ml of water
    • After dinner: Drink 500ml of plain water.

Repeat the next day for the full 2 day speed cleanse.

*If needed, snack on healthy fruit and vegetables.
*Repeat once a month.

A Close Up of the Results

The first thing that I would say about this is that serving it chilled would be the best way to go about it. The taste is quite delicious and the consistency is rather different than having it at room temperature.

As for the outcome for boosting energy levels, well being, metabolism and digestive health, that has to be a yes on my part as I can certainly see improvement on those areas. I can't say much on the flatter tummy and the reduced cravings though, but it does give the skin a smoother appearance after a good 2 day detox.

On Overall

On overall, its not a bad health product to have at hand, and you will certainly appreciate it if you are looking for a good and healthy cleanse that can work quickly. (No shortcuts though as light excersize will help you benefit more from this drink.)

The Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D is already available at Watsons Stores nationwide and if you are looking for individual variants, they also have that too at RM94.90 per box of 15 sachets. As for more details, you can follow Watsons Official Facebook Page for further updates.



  1. I am also currently on a detox programme. I can't wait for the 14 days to be over. Interested to read about your progress.

  2. It's not easy to have the discipline to do a detox. Congrats on that!

  3. this seems very interesting and I would like to ty if these works on my. Am into tummy cleansing :)

  4. I was eating such nonsense in my third trimester! Really admire you for committing to this. I've tried a full-on cleanse before, it's pretty hardcore!


  5. Seems like a great detox program. Want to try.

  6. Love the 2 day cleansing I tried it and not only did it work but it is also pretty tasty

  7. This seems a great alternative from usual DIY detox. Which once is is your favourite?

  8. Interesting product! I would carefully check if any side-effects and then give it a try.

  9. An interesting product for mom's. Will share it with my mom's friends it will be useful to them :)

  10. Didn't know about this product from Kinohimitsu, will check it out :)

  11. I bet it taste good from the packaging. Do we have to drink it every day or skip?

  12. It is true that you have to have a me-time even for some minutes. I wish it's available in my place. The reason I am not into detox or cleansing is because I am afraid of the products' content, but this one is all-natural and safe, so I guess I have to try it one day...

  13. I tried this also, overall its quite effective and I would do another round of detox after CNY.

  14. Definitely need this to help detox my body after all the CNY feast! Thanks for the write up dear as I am searching for good detox drink!

  15. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to read more of your post and updates in the future. light toxin

  16. Can I detox with only one type, cleanse beauty? How to do it. How frequent. How many sachet a day

  17. Hi, i've received samples of Kinohimitsu Cleanse & Shape Wellness Smooth'd sachets. I'm a first time user. Do i consume 1 pack per day or otherwise...?!


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