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Save My Bag Launches at Suria KLCC

At the launch

As we have seen in the fashion domain, the possibilities on bag creations are endless. However, going over leap and bounds to producing something new and fabulous are certainly in the cards, hence curated 100% all the way from Bergamo Italy, Save My Bag is definitely one of them.

What You Need To Know About Save My Bag

The Store

Now we have never seen anything much like this, but Save My Bag was actually first known to be a Birkin cover bag, which due to high demand over its quality and durability, slowly became a novelty to be shaped like an actual handbag to keep your items with you at all times.

Ideal for cameras
The Limited Edition Bags

Of course, this boundless prospect was only available in Italy at the time, so when it was introduced at their latest flagship store at Asia in Suria KLCC, many were exceptionally excited. Mind you, this was not only because of its exclusivity in terms of its designs and units, but also because of its patented poly fabric material with Lycra fiber- one that is extremely weightless and is completely waterproof.

At the Grand Opening

The one thing that is quite fascinating about this though is that all of its bags are extremely spacious and incredibly light. Honestly it's like carrying air. Plus with the added function of it being extremely easy to take care of (foldable too), this makes it the ideal bag for travel as it won't get mushed up from a flight.

Solid Colors

In terms of logistics, there are over 40 stunning tones and more than 10 designs to choose from, so ranging from its limited edition collection, you also have the one in MISS, Black Label MISS, Bubble Pop Star, Portofino, Hippy Clutch, Baby and unisex Principe too.

The Geisha Limited Edition Bag
Ideal for traveling

In the meantime, the location of Save My Bag in Suria KLCC is located at Lot 203C, so if you would like to check them out, you can certainly do so there but for further details, you can head over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for more information.



  1. I have a weakness for bags and these are all very eye catching, with their bold colours. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

  2. wow l Love this new branding of Save My Bag.It is unique

  3. they look so pretty with such vibrant colors and designs, definitely eye catching and i cant wait to check them out myself :)

  4. WOw, all the bags so lovely & colourful! ;) am gonna having difficulty to choose one, perhaps got to own all :) ha...ha....cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. I am thinking should I go and buy 1 hmmm... I spotted one that I like that day.

  6. The name itself is quite attractive and I love the cute lil' bagpack!!

  7. This bags sounds so interesting and I would love to get my hands on one too...if the price is affordable... that's it...

  8. Oh my, I really like their design. So cheeky and young, yet so modern.

  9. Wow so many gorgeous handbags! Am eyeing for the Orange handbag :) it will give more comfort to my laptop :)

  10. The colour is popping! Love all the handbags!

  11. OMG! The designs are very inviting and beautiful - Rawlins! Stop! Not another bag! Haha

  12. It was my first time hearing this! The bags looks so nice and I love having it for its waterproof and lightweight material =D

  13. Wow! Those handbags are outstanding! I can even use as a diaper bag hehe

  14. Awwwww the bag design is nice. I like the limited edition bag. Will drop by to their store.


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