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Foodie Finds | Jam and Kaya Café

Monthly Finds | Jam & Kaya Cafe

Over the weekend, we visited some delectable eateries, and one that we came across that was found to be particularly noteworthy was the Jam & Kaya Café.

Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, inside PJ Palms Sport Centre (right before A&W), this venue was a small yet quaint space to enjoy hearty meals, plus with the addition of sinfully delicious pancakes and creamy pastas, it was definitely not one to miss.

The Appetizing Serves

Carbonara Spaghetti | RM16.90

Hence, one of the first meals that we decided to have a go here was the Carbonara Spaghetti. This is pretty much a safe dish at any standard restaurant and cafe; plus if made well, would set the tone for the entire dining experience.

So served with a generous amount of mushrooms and ham slices, this dish retails at RM16.90 and let's just say that it is worth every cent. The cream was thick and absolutely delicious, the serving was just nice so that it would not make one too overly full, and in addition, every thing on the plate was seasoned very well too. It is certainly a great starter dish that was promptly finished in minutes, so you would be sure that it would be one that you would certainly come back to for more.

Corn Fritters | RM19.90

The next one that we have here is the Corn Fritters. This was an addition that was included in 2015 and retailing at RM19.90, this dish is freshly packed with corn kernels, caramelized onions, chicken sausage cubes and a stunning sunny side up egg that is topped with an exquisite sauce, pepper and paprika. It's a combination of sweet and savory at one go and is a staple favorite that is highly recommended.

Potato Wedges | RM7.20

Now for an oldie but goodie, here we have some golden crispy Potato Wedges priced at RM7.20. This is more like a starter dish but if you are having it to share amongst a group of 2-4, we would say that it comes in a bountiful serve. Seasoned beautifully, these wedges are also browned to perfection and with every bite, it also gives a very satisfying crunch as well.

Chocolate Banana Pancake | RM15.50 

As for the final dish, we decided to go for something a little sweet and sampled Jam and Kaya's Chocolate Banana Pancake.  Adding on a little nuts to balance out the flavor of chocolate, this particular serve was heavenly. The pancake consistency was fluffy and light, the bananas and the drizzled chocolate sauce gave the dish a good proportion of sweetness, and last but not least, the nuts and ice cream took the cake in terms of leveling out the hot and cold combination.

Overall, the dining experience at the Jam & Kaya Café was delightful, and for further details, you can check them out below or head over to their Official Facebook Page too. In the meantime, hope everyone has a pleasant week ahead.

Jam and Kaya Café Further Details:

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday | 10am-7pm , Saturday to Sunday | 9am to 6pm
  • Price Range: RM5- RM30
  • Dish Servings: Small Bites, All Day Breakfast, Weekend Special, Add Ons, Lunch, Pancake, Mains & Soup
  • Drink Servings: Coffee,Chocolate, Water, Teas and BYO
  • Location: PJ Palms Sports Centre, 1 Lorong Sultan, Bandar Baru PJ, 46200 PJ Selangor
  • Parking: PJ Palms Sport Center | RM5
  • Directions to the Cafe | Go inside PJ Palms Sport Center, Turn right at the swimming pool and walk straight ahead. You will spot the cafe on your left.



  1. I am currently thinking what would be my dinner while reading your post.. Oh my this makes me so hungry! That carbonara looks divine :)

  2. you know what? that's what I have been thinking about and its all in this post! you sure can read my mind :D Just look at them!

  3. Wow, their carbonara seriously make me drool! The price reasonable as well, can consider to makan there next time!

  4. The pancake banana look attractive. The name of the cafe is unique. Looking forward this weekend to spend time with my friend at Jam and Kaya cafe.

  5. I am drooling! Wish to visit the cafe right now! hehe

  6. The corn fritters look so yummy and the carbonara looks really rich and flavourful!

  7. Love their small serving and hearty meal =) Price is so affordable and looks yummilicious too!!

  8. What a simple name but something that many Malaysians love. The dishes certainly look mouth watering.

  9. those are some very mouthwatering dishes I so want to sink my teeth in....

  10. Oh I like their foods there, craving now for the Chocolate Banana Pancake :)

  11. It's been a while since my last visit, i think its time to revisit again after read your blog =)

  12. I've passby this cafe just last weekend! Gonna try this on the coming weekend.

  13. This is just 5 minutes away from my house! Its apparently one of PJ's hiddens gems (;

  14. I've heard about this cafe before but then never make a visit there. But then it seems great. I should pay a visit with chency next time.

  15. Omg i love their corn fritters, that cafe its kind of cozy on weekdays.


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