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Diptyque | Rosa Mundi Collection

The Rosa Mundi Collection | Picture Credit: Sunshine Kelly

There is just something about Diptyque candles that just makes one feel extremely at ease and combining two of the most stunning rose scents in perfumery which is the Damascus and Centifolia, we unmask the brand's new Rosa Mundi Collection.

Diptyque X Rosa Mundi Collection

On the Range | Picture Credit: Sunshine Kelly

Having  rather vintage touch to its unveil, you can see that Diptyque has made this rare combination of olfactory and visual with Antoinette Poisson. The packaging itself is a power combo of insight and together it combines the outlook of interior decoration, fragrances and objects within a rather refined universe.

On the Collection:

  • Rosa Mundi Top Note | Freshness: 
    • Blackcurrant and Bergamot
  • Collection Packaging | Illumination:
    • Long fiber of carefully crafted paper
  • Rosa Mundi Candles | Floral Motif:
    • Green and Pink, expressing the subtle duality of the fragrance.
  • L'Eau Dominotée | Similar to the Vinaigre de Toilette, multiple uses:
    • Perfume, sprayed into the air or as a fragrance fabric.
  • Eau Rose Solid Perfume | New but Permanent Collection: 
    • Inspired by traditional perfumery methods (flowers into a fatty substance to naturally release their fragrance), dates back to four thousand years. 
    • A strong combination of the two roses and is rendered more brilliant and sensual as time passes with the blend of lychee, honey and cedar.

The Candles | Picture Credit: Sunshine Kelly
Overall | Picture Credit: Sunshine Kelly

The collection is now available at Diptyque Pavilion, but you can also find them at KENS Apothecary boutiques in BSC, Bangsar Village II, 1 Utama, KLCC and Gardens Mall. In the meantime, for further details on the range and products, you can visit Diptyque's Official Website or KENS for more information. The price list will be listed down below for easier reference as well.

The Rosa Mundi Collection Pricing List:

  • Rosa Mundi 70g: RM175
  • Rosa Mundi Scented Oval: RM255
  • Rosa Mundi 190g candle: RM295
  • Eau Dominotee Multi Use 200ml: RM399

Eau Rose Collection Pricing List:

  • Eau Rose Hand Cream: Rm149
  • Eau Rose Roll-On 20ml: RM225
  • Eau Rose Solid Perfume: RM229 (Latest Addition)
  • Eau Rose 100ml: RM450



  1. My favourite scented candle... its so romantic :D

  2. This can be a great gift idea. Especially for the new year when you visit family or friends.

  3. Interesting collection. love their artwork as well. will check it out.

  4. Beautiful products, perfect for gifting close friends. They will love it. Will also check other products. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I love the packaging design. Looks awesome as a gift to my friends.

  6. the collection looks super classy and perfect for gift! Love the design though.

  7. I haven't tried Diptyque, but I always smell it whenever I visit Rustans mall and its heavenly.

  8. Pretty candles. Would love to have a few of them for a minimalistic insta photo with a pop of colours :D

  9. This brand is very new to me but even without getting its scent first hand, I am already loving its packaging. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  10. I love diptyque candles as they smell Soo Soo good!! The design on the bottle looks really English and I can't wait to add this to my collection!

  11. Rose is my favourite aroma! With the top note of Bergamot, that would be so refreshing!!!

  12. This is just oh so pretty and I can just imagine how heavenly they smell....

  13. Nice packaging and I can get it for my friend birthday gift.

  14. they are so pretty! Must be very nice scent too. will dropby the boutique to check it out

  15. price is a little bit on high side. but i'm sure the money will be well spent. it seems like a very good product.


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