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Fresh Fruits anyone? | Now! In Season

Seasonal Fruits 

This might surprise some but having healthy, premium quality produce in Malaysia is quite a household consideration. First off the checklist would be on the price, another would be whether the source of the said purchased produce would be safe enough to consume.

Now! In Season Campaign

At the launch

Hence here we have Now! In Season which is a campaign aimed at promoting various Australian fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak quality and availability. Recently taking off at retail outlets, the program espouses Australia's quality soil, the continual supply of clean water, strict food safety regulations and innovative farm practices.

Coconut Chia Pudding with Apricots and Cherries

Not only that but the campaign will also be educating consumers on the seasonality of the commodities, health and nutritional benefits of the Australian produce as well as how to select and store the seasonal commodities in Malaysia.

Dark Chocolate with Cherries

This is a horticulture industry's marks of distinction and thus as such, would be an attractive choice considering the proven track record of Australia's quality exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to global markets and Malaysia as well.

Availability of Produce:

  • January - March 2017: Cherries, Plums, Nectarines, Apricots and Peaches
  • March - May 2017: Table Grapes
  • August - October 2017: Oranges
  • January - December 2017: Australia vegetables

In the meantime, for further details on this, you can follow Now!In Season on their Official Facebook Page or Instagram Handle for more information.



  1. oh yums! I love that dark chocolate tart with cherries. Their cherries are really sweet!

  2. I love Australian fresh fruits and berries but they are so difficult to purchase where I live. Thanks for your alert that they are in season again. Will go to Jaya Grocer to look for them.

  3. I love their cherries and apricots, go to get some more when i do my groceries later today.

  4. Hory shieet. They look so good! Especially the dark chocolate with cherries.

  5. l Love reading post that promote fruits, its one of the healthiest food in the world

  6. oooo! thanks for the heads up shivani! Time to pluck myself some plucked cherries :D

  7. i love australian cherries! miss those days back in melb where i can buy them at such a cheap price!! huhu

  8. my favourite cherry! drooling...

  9. I love cherries! especially when it's made into jam!

  10. i want that dark chocolate! Have you bring home a box of it?

  11. love how they made those dishes... but i loved those stone fruits and cherries fresh ... they taste amazing...

  12. I love the cherries, such an amazing fruit :)

  13. Cherries! Lama tak makan. Later gonna buy and eat them! :D

  14. OH they are heaven sent! They look insanely delicious!

    Mhaan |

  15. yum yum! i love healthy food as such! will monitor closely the dates so i can get my favourite fruits when it's season.

  16. Cherry is definitely one of my favourite fruits. Having great quality is definitely a bonus.


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