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Sparkling in the New Year | OtterBox Crystal Edition

Just in time for New Year

When something glittery comes our way, it is almost near impossible not to uproot yourself from your seat and have a good look. OtterBox's Crystal Edition for the iPhone 7 did just that for the brand New Year, and with the case crafted with genuine Swarovski crystals fabric, it certainly did offer exceptional brilliance as well.

The OtterBox Crystal Edition

Made with genuine Swarovski Crystals

Now we all know that OtterBox is a maker of protective cases for smartphones, and last year when we received the Symmetry Series Crystal Edition for the iPhone 6S, we honestly thought that there was no way that the design would be topped. Least to say we were pleasantly surprised when it was and when you are looking for the extra sparkle and glamour for your phone, this Crystal Edition is certainly one that lives up to that.

The Casing Within

So in terms of this premium casing adding a touch of luxe to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this OtterBox Edition adds not only the ultimate style to your gadget but also protection. This includes the Alpha Glass as well which is OtterBox's ultra thin-fortified glass screen protector that provides total touchscreen protection while preserving the iPhone screen's natural beauty and responsiveness.

Close Up

Not only that, but what we really like about it is that its custom pocket-friendly design also kept true to provide superior dual-material protection against bumps, drops and shocks; thus certifying it as an OtterBox Certified Drop + Protection (put through 24+ Tests and 238+ Hours of rigorous testing).

Under a different light

As well as can be seen from the visual above too, the Crystal Edition casing also sets off a beautiful sparkling vibe in various lights, reflecting of course from its make of genuine Swarovski crystals.

Hence if you would like to know more, the Symmetry Series Crystal Edition casing is available in three colors which are Black Ombre, Blue Ombre and Fractal Crystal and priced at RM 419 for the iPhone 7 and RM499 for the iPhone 7 Plus, they are also available to order online at OtterBox's Official Website as well.



  1. Damn..that's one super blinged iphone!!! I am actually still distracted by the box that it came in with...for a second i thought it was a diary cover and my eyes were glittering in hope..hehhehe

  2. It is so beautiful! Unfortunately I dont use Iphone.. Would love to have this!

  3. Wow very nice indeed. Wish they make this for Samsung too. 😔

  4. Omg I am in love!!! I love glitter everything and this is just PERFECT!


  5. All of these products looks so shiny and nice. Like the Otterbox protective case for smartphones.

  6. it is gorgeous babe, and now your iphone will be partying from day til dawn round the clock :)

  7. So sparkly! Now that's an Otter Box I'd love to put on my phone.

  8. What a gorgeous glitter case. It sure will attract attention whenever you take out your phone!

  9. oh wow... what a gorgeous otterbox cover... wish they had some for huawei phones...

  10. heard about this brand. not only looking nice, but it is good that it is anti shock!

  11. wah!! damn shinning ~ wish to have one for my sony phone

  12. Swarovski crystal fabric? Wow that looks so good.. I love sparkly stuffs so much! Wish they have for Samsung phones tho

  13. Wow that is so so blink! I wish to have a new phone too.

  14. Nice casing, shining bling bling, I like it too :)

  15. Wow!It looks so elegant! I would love to have one for my phone. :)

    Mhaan |


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