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Going Premium | La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15

Trying out a new base

Over the weekend, I found that it was time to change up my foundation routine, and instead of going for a high coverage foundation like I always do, I gave a go at a lighter consistency instead. Part of the reason as to why that is, was because ever since I hit the third trimester of my pregnancy, my skin's texture has been all over the place; so heavy foundations haven't really been working for me like they used to.

The La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF15

The La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation

Thus having said that, I found myself reaching for a base that I have yet to explore with; and this was the La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation.

This foundation is one of the more expensive ones that I had in my vanity that I have been carefully keeping aside and other than the obvious reason which was its hefty price tag of USD85 (Conversion unit estimate: RM379+), this was a premium base that gives naturally flawless complexion to the skin with an exclusive Blue Algae Lift Ferment that boosts radiance.

The Packaging
In Shade 06 Tan

Now keeping in mind that I have been having this for a couple of months now, my shade is now a tone lighter than its code in 06 Tan.

Nonetheless since this is a silken lightweight fluid, I moved to stretch its texture just a bit with a beauty blender instead of going over with a foundation brush like its description states. Surprisingly this works well and as can be seen from the video above- the skin now looks airbrushed with a good amount of coverage and sustains a much smoother, softer and lifted appearance.

Comes with a pump
The texture and shade

I had to use around 3 pumps to cover the entire face with the beauty blender, but I suspect that with a foundation brush, it would probably be much less. The texture is quite dewy so it works really nicely to dry skin, but if you are not a big fan of that, you could always set it with a setting powder at the end of the day.

How To Use: 
  • Shake well and smooth over the skin with a foundation brush.


On overall, I really enjoyed using the foundation and can completely see why beauty enthusiasts have been raving over it. I have been fully utilizing it throughout the weekend as well (probably would do it more sparingly in the future seeing as it is rather expensive), and with its lasting power for up to 5 hours with SPF 15 without reapplication, I would have to say that it is not too bad.

In the meantime, for more details on La Mer and their products, you can follow them on their Facebook Page and Website for further information.


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