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Beter Make Up Brushes | SaSa

The Kit Set

I am not completely unfamiliar with Beter's Professional Makeup Brushes, but for those of you who do not know much about the brand, these cosmetic brushes from Spain have a pretty vast range and are great to use on an everyday basis.

The three brushes in the kit
On the details of the kit

They come at an affordable price tag at SaSa and while as mentioned that they do have a varied array under their belt, their foundation and powder brushes are the ones that are an extreme hit amongst makeup enthusiasts.

Soft and gentle to the touch, we have three here that comes in a well packaged kit set. One is for powder, the other for foundation (Stipling) and last but not least, an eyeshadow brush that is essential for patting down a desired hue on the lid.

Stipling Brush (Foundation)

The Stipling Brush
The softness of the bristles

The one that I really enjoyed using was the Stipling Brush. This particular one had really gentle handle, plus its well laid out bristles gave the foundation a rather airbrushed look too. The great thing about this was that I found that this did not only apply to liquid foundations only, but also to gel ones as well. Blendability was great as it did not absorb too much product when applied on too.

Powder Brush (Setting Powders)

The Powder Brush
The softness of the brush

The Powder Brush on the other hand, is a decent makeup tool for setting powders and is extremely soft, but the one thing that I could not grasp was why the bristles was not uniformed for an even application. They weren't detachable thank goodness but I have always liked the bristles of my brushes to be intact for specific reasons.

Eyeshadow Brush (Pigment)

The Eyeshadow Brush

As for the eyeshadow brush in the line, its quite a solid one as well, but I do like how it applies the hues to the bottom lash line, in preference to the top lid. It does not really sting or irritate either so that is a good thing, but it does gives even pigmentation when the color is applied without much fallout.


On overall, the brushes are pretty great to use on an every day basis but like what was mentioned before, the Stipling Brush is a preference for a much more airbrushed effect when compared to the other two beauty tools in the kit. In the meantime, these makeup brushes are available at all SaSa Stores nationwide, so if you are thinking to have a look at them firsthand, you can locate them there as well. For more details, you can head on over to their Official Facebook Page too.



  1. I need to get all these 3 brushes too. Thanks for the tips.

  2. First time heard about this brand!! And from the picture, I can feel the softness of he brush!! Would like to try it out!!

  3. Ooohh I love brushes! Brushes are what I use for my foundation than of sponges, just personal preference, or maybe I haven't used a really good makeup sponge. Hehe! Hope they're available here in the Philippines though! :)

  4. Ah, have not heard about this brand before and didn't know they have so many different brushes. What an eye opener this has been.

  5. I'm in the market for a good foundation brush, so this one is definitely on the list! Thanks for sharing, love xx


  6. I love the packaging and the colour of the brushes. Am the one that always fall for the first look. Hehe

  7. make up brushes, looks nice and functional, pretty too. :) ,,

  8. not very good at brush - so thank you for the post. will definitely check them out!

  9. I am tempted to get that stipling brush.

  10. the bag looks so cute! and compact too!

  11. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  12. ah have been seeing a few bloggers posting about this. Must be very good. I am tempted to get myself a set too.


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