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CURE Natural Aqua Gel | A Skincare Must Have?

On Skincare Discoveries

Having a good sit down with some friends a couple of weeks back, a new product discovery came to light after an enthusiastic exchange of beauty conversations between my peers.

You might recall sometime last year in December, there was an introductory to CURE's Water Treatment Skin Cream where we did some product testing on it, as well as its best selling Aqua Gel (IG Stories: @penmyblog), and even though on first impression both products were really good, we didn't really get to its in-depth benefits as much as I would have liked.

Trying out CURE Natural Aqua Gel
Launched in 2013 | RM115

The Product

So after a couple of days, I started implementing the Natural Aqua Gel into my skincare regime around once a week, and since this product has received glowing reviews as well as being known as one of the best facial exfoliators in Asia, it was certainly on my monthly watch list to see how it would fare.

The texture

Now suspecting that this was going to be one of the gentler sorts, with minimal grit upon application to the face, I pumped a reasonable amount and applied it on the skin. My facial textures have become a little more drying as of late due to hormonal factors, so I was a little skeptical at first, but as long as the product wouldn't ball up all those dead skin flakes to a corner, it would be good.

Application to the face

However initially, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. The texture was after all of a milky clear consistency that holds 90% of water, so when gently massaged into the skin, I was a little underwhelmed that there was no lather upon application.  I kept going at it though because I refused to give in, but after a good 15 seconds, there was still no gritty bits to show like how peeling gels and scrubs would usually have.

After going in bigger circular motions
The gritty bits of dead skin

Then I began circulating the consistency in bigger circular motions and that is when I caught it. The intensification of dead skin cells at the tip of my fingers in this white rough bits, that were caught all over the face. I gently kept exfoliating for another good minute, then rinsed off and patted my skin dry.

The Results

Now I am not sure what ingredient is there within that causes such gentle exfoliation with removing dead skin cells effectively, but looking up, I found myself staring into another version of myself with a complete boost of radiance. Plus with the skin left clear, soft and clean right after, I decided then and there that this was going to be one repurchase that I would certainly go back to time and time again.

In the meantime, if you have yet to check this product out, you can visit CURE's Official Facebook Page or their Website for further details, but as they are also available in SASA at RM115, you can head on over there as well.



  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking for something that removes dead skin cells and black head without doing much damage.. Sounds like a product I must try.

  2. What a wonderful review you made. I'd definitely follow your recommendation.

  3. Sounds like a good product. Yes, as we age, our skin does lose its moisture and a good aqua based product is always a blessing! Good that it worked well for you.

  4. I have tried this years ago and I love it. Very mild but effective

  5. thank you for the recommendation, was scrolling over some exfoliator lately and this seems helpful!

  6. Wow I swear the goodness of CURE Exfoliator, and definitely must have to our beauty department. You should also try the CURE moisturizer!

  7. Loving your flawless skin babe! I have this at home too and its really handy when you need your face to be extra squeaky clean :D

  8. I read so many good reviews about this product, plan to give it a try as well :)


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