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NYX Cosmetics | Cosmic Metals Lip Cream

Wearing NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Out of this World and Electromagnetic

Call me intrigued, but I have always been very tempted by metallic hues and dark shades. After all, the bigger, the bolder, the better! So when this new line from NYX became exclusively online on Hermo during the Christmas season, I took a chance and nabbed 6 out of the 7 colors available (there are 12 shades in total globally) and gave them each a good swatch.

NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream 
||The Mixture is Out of This World + Electromagnetic||

Now as you can probably see from the video itself, these shades are super-pigmented and are fully opague glosses that come with a beautiful metallic flush, but yet does not quite set like a liquid lipstick.

The Mixture of the Two Shades

On the other hand, upon application, the darker shades do not need much layering but for the lighter ones, two coats ought to do it. Formulation wise is constant throughout the 6 shades but is a little sticky, however once you see how amazing these shades are on the lips (tone follows to the tube), it would be worth every single cent.

The 12 Shades Available Globally : (* means available online at Hermo)

  • Speed of Light | Rose Gold *
  • Solar Energy | A Coral Orange *
  • Fuchsia Fusion | Hot Pink *
  • Asteroid Aura |Magenta *
  • Ultraviolet | Blue Purple Shade
  • Out of This World | Emerald Green *
  • Electromagnetic | Deep Aqua *
  • Celestial Star | Indigo *
  • Dark Nebula |Deep Navy
  • Extraterrestrial | Deep Olive
  • Galactic |Dark Grey
  • Comet's Tail | Baby Blue

A Closer Look at the Application

Retailing at RM38 per piece, the affordability on these are great and with its doe foot applicator, the product gives seamless movement as well where you can glide the metallic shades through to achieve very clean and precise lines.

The Full Look

On overall, I absolutely love these and for the price point that you are getting them at, they are an absolute steal. Now thus far I only know that these are only available exclusively online at Hermo and are not in Sephora stores, but if you do spot them just let me know. In the meantime, for more updates on the brand and more, you can head over to NYX's Official Facebook Page for further information.



  1. woooooo! I love this look, sexy and wild!

  2. Omg I love this! I've been hesitant about trying these, but I can definitely see how it can be such a statement for parties and functions. And you look absolutely stunning as usual, babe!


  3. Omg! Your look is totally cool. And now, I am intrigue with the metallics.

  4. Wow, I am taken aback by your glam look! You even have a dress and accessories to match with your image.

  5. I always think you look just so amazing with all your lovely makeup

  6. Wow. So brave and bold. I guess, we can also apply as an eyeshadow.

  7. Wow! daring color and you review it well. If you give me that..i will be scratching my head to review that. Good one dear!

  8. The color is so cool! I hope its still available this weekend coz plan to buy. NYX always run OOS at Sephora

  9. Wow the color so striking. I wish I dare to apply on this color. Suit to use when attending some grand event.

  10. This color is gorgeous on you! You sure pulled it off darn well =)


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