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Miseenscéne Power Swing M9 Hair Wax | A Strong Hold?

For Men's Styling

Hair styling is the one thing that men find important. The right product for a certain type of look is essential to making a look work.
Miseenscéne Power Swing M9 hair wax is a South Korean brand that is versatile and is capable of achieving challenging styles. It is a matte style hard wax with a hold/hardness level of 9 and shine rating of zero.

You see, once applied onto your fingers, it has a cream consistency that is very much like the old Brylcreem (if you are familiar with this) we used to have back in the 90s. It has a pearly tone and has sort of a cinnamon scent to it.

Miseenscéne Power Swing M9 Hair Wax 

The consistancy

I have a little confession to make though. I am not very experienced with matte style wax as my usual go to hair styling product is the super hard wet look gel used for work. As my hair is mid length, I assumed that hair gel would make for a better and longer hold. I decided to give it a try anyway, and to my surprise, it actually held really well and lasted throughout the day.

I got a different look than what I would usually have (minus the shine) and it keeps my hair neat and tidy. Albeit I feel that this wax is meant for shorter hair as it doesn’t really keep my sides in place that effectively but it works well with a back comb. I might consider getting a shorter haircut so I can see how well this works and maybe use it for work. For now, I would utilize this for casual outings and dinners.

Has a 2 year shelf life

So the method in which I use the Miseenscéne Power Swing M9 is by using it on semi wet hair. I keep my hair slightly damp for this because my hair is long and just a bit of dampness can help the hair stay in place. 

I take about two fingers worth of the product and rub it onto both hands. Then I massage it into my hair. Since I would be using this for casual outings, I will use my hands for styling instead of a comb.

The overall hold after 6 hours

As for the price of this product, I am not so sure as it came in a bundle with other products, but I did some searching online and it looks like it can be ordered at 10-15 USD for a 80gram tub of this. 

Right now, I have not seen it on shelves locally but if you would like to check it out, it can be ordered online and as for a Malaysian store, it is on for RM53.98


  1. Definitely something I need to check out for my boys! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. oh wow.. did not know they cam e out with men products as well... how awesome...

  3. Great that it could be purchased online. It makes shopping really convenient. A little on the pricey side but it lasts so long!

  4. I've not heard of this brand before..maybe I should try this one day.

  5. Uuuu. a cinnamon scent huh? Sounds unique. Its the texture same as pomade?

  6. nice one. i like how it still hold after 6 hours, something my current brand can't do. hehe.

  7. I'll recommend this to my brother coz he likes to style his mane :)

  8. Now I know what to buy for my boyfriend! He can try this as alternative!

  9. a new product for him! I wanna buy for my husband too. Love its affordable price ehehe

  10. My first time know this brand got men's products, looks good thou.

  11. Looks like a good brand. Should hint my partner with this hair wax ;)

  12. First time to hear about this brand and I'm pretty impressed with its performance. I'll definitely buy one for my hubby.

    Mhaan |


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