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Stain No More | KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

The arrival of the Lip Gel Magic

Now we have heard a lot about the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic buzzing all over the internet and as amazing as its results seem to be, its time to put it to the test and give it a whirl. So the first thing that you would need to know about this particular product is that the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic is a lipstick coating gel.

Retailing at RM55 each, it is meant to keep your lipstick shade intact, protects any lip tone you put on from fading and transferring, plus it locks in the color, making it last longer while keeping the lips moisturized.

Using the KOSE Lip Gel Magic

Trying it out

Hence here we have two products. One is the Lip Gel Magic on the right and on the left, a bright lasting rouge from KOSÉ Espique. Now this lip item is a combination of three; a serum, lipstick and concealer all packed into one, thus with a glossy finish, you could say that on its own leaves a mark on any surface that your application comes across on.

So putting the Lip Gel Magic to the test, first apply the lip shade from KOSÉ Espique evenly around the lips. One clean swipe would do as the shade is actually quite vibrant on its own. Next, take up the Lip Gel Magic and shake it so a semi-transparent gel is dispensed out into a pea size form on your index finger.

Following up, begin with the inner corner of your lips and swipe it across to the other end evenly. There is no need to rub the texture into the shade as it is a coating gel, but it would be good to concentrate on the inner corner of the lips as that is usually where your lip product comes off when you wine and dine during the day.

As for the results, the Lip Gel Magic dries down the gloss into a completely matte finish and lo and behold, no more staining. Although we are not entirely sure if this applies only to glossy lipsticks, but after trying it out with other finishes such as liquid, gel, sheer and more, it seems to do the job just fine.


On overall, it looks like the Lip Gel Magic does keep to its description, so if you are looking for an item to keep your lip shades intact, then this would be a really handy beauty tool to have in your bag at all times. In the meantime, for more details on KOSÉ or on the Lip Gel Magic, you can head on to KOSÉ's Official Website and Facebook Page for further information.



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  2. I love this lip gel. It easily glide on lip and moisturise it.

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  5. thanks for your review, now I have the solution to make my lippie last longer.

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