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Yes or No? | Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip x Jessie J

I have been a huge fan of pigments and bold colors from a really young age, so it is not surprisingly that whenever a brand does a combination of the two well, I am immediately pulled in.

Make Up For Ever has been one of those artistry beauty brands that I have come to love over the years, and seeing that their products are crafted well for stage makeup, it means that their range has more lasting power, vividness and is made for a more comfortable wear.

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip X Jessie J

The 3 Shades

So let's have a look at these new shades from its Jessie J collaboration. The Artist Acrylip is known to be a paint-like formulation, and one clean swipe is all it takes to fully coat the lips with strong color.

What I really liked about the line though was its blendability; because these are fantastic, plus like I said before, a little goes a long way - so you can actually fully utilize the product up till a year until you finish using the entire tube.

From Left to Right: Code 500,400 and 200

As can see from above, the texture is extremely creamy and has beautiful tones as well, but as we don't have all the latest shades with us (only 3 out of the new 10 shades launched), the code on these starting from the left to the right is in 500, 400 and 200.

The Applicator
Getting the product out

The applicator here also plays a huge part on the swatch as it is very gentle on the lips, but it also evens out the texture extremely well from the center till the inner corners too. You can pair them up with either Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner to match the shade that you choose or opt for their Lip Liner Perfector, but it would be good to get the combo so you would get the very best application on both ends as well.

Close Up

Now notice that upon the swatch on the lips, these do not dry out and are extremely lightweight. I initially thought the combination of the three would be quite heavy but surprisingly enough they were extremely light, non-sticky and can be blended to a stunning ombre finish that would be able to last you for up to 4 hours.

However, they are transfer proof so don't expect the shades to stay on after a heavy or oily breakfast,lunch or dinner, but if you are intending on wearing them out to a function, they will do you well and will certainly capture compliments from those around you.

A worthwhile buy?

Overall, there is no downside to the Artist Acrylip and personally I think that Make Up For Ever did a marvelous job with these. Each of these shades retails for RM99 each too, so you can head over to Sephora or their Pro Boutique Store to have a look at them, but in the meantime for further details and updates, you can follow Make Up For Ever on their Official Website and Facebook Page as well.



  1. I like the hot pink one you're wearing. I think it's #500. Gorgeous and great review on your video! I'll go for a YAY on this one =)

  2. Hi. Im Hanim. I would like to have your permission to use your comments on 5/8/15 about Forest Colour products and to post it on my FB & instagram as Im a registered stockist of Forest Colour. Ill surely gives a credit to you. Its highly appreciated if i could have your permission. xoxo.

  3. Very vibrant colour for the lipstick! Certainly will draw attention from the guys =P

  4. Wow. I like the "Radiant Pink". Will get one & try it on for my next event.

  5. Love the vibrant color it's so pretty! I'm going to try it next time.

  6. you always look so fabulous in whatever you can really work those colours....

  7. Such a seductive shade that you have chosen. It suits you well and you managed to carry it across.

  8. Omg. I love on how easy that you apply those. It was a beautiful and fierce color.

  9. The texture is so lovely ^^ going to buy one and try it out later hehe

  10. Wow such gorgeous colors Babe, especially the orangy one. Its so pigmented and I bet it last a bit longer :)

  11. Love the texture and color on you babe! So smooth and makes your skin looks fairer, definitely worth every penny!

  12. I love the vibrancy of the colours! And as usual, the angle of your pictures is exquisite.

  13. pretty vibrant! they suit u ")

  14. I like the smooth texture and the pigment, nice finishing.


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