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ZA Autumn/Winter 2016

It has been awhile since we have done a full faced makeup look using just one brand, and even though this entire collection from ZA Cosmetics was released back in December 2016, the launch of the whole line was just too lovely to pass up.

ZA Killer Big Eyes Palette

On the palette

So the first thing that you would need to know about the range would be the ZA Killer Big Eyes palettes. Focusing around the theme of 'Color Your Dreams', ZA has given us a variety of 6 shades to form a transition from day to night, and this consists shades of neutrals to a pop of vibrant colors.

In shade PK24 paired with Killer Volume Long Mascara

What is slightly different about this though is that this new palette by ZA includes a concealer that comes in a light, neutral tone and this brightens up dark circles and dullness around the eye area due to a brightening powder within. Available at RM42.90 each, you can now find them in selected pharmacies near you.

ZA Lip Crayon

In the shade Magenta

The second one here on the other hand is an absolute favorite and is known as a Lip Crayon that comes in 5 shades which gives a luminous, freshly plumped up lip. Available at RM29.90 each, packaging wise is kept simple but the formulation is incredibly easy to wear and the pigmentation on these are on point.

Upon Application

Don't get to overwhelmed by its shades though because as vibrant as it may look on the product, once you swatch it on, it gives a beautiful sweet high shine that hydrates like a balm and will last on like a stain for a good 5 hours.

ZA Vibrant Moist Lip Lacquer

In Shade Red 41

This last one here is called the ZA Vibrant Moist Lip Lacquer and as you can already see, the pigmentation on these are beyond strong. Absolutely stunning for night wear, this lip smacker retails at RM31.70 for each of its 5 shades, and gives the most brilliant gloss for a full glammed up look.

Side by Side

The unique formulation on the range is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen which would help keep your lips hydrated at all times, but not only that, it will also give rich color, fullness and a gorgeous finish that can last up to 4 hours without reapplication.


Another noteworthy mention would be the Killer Volume Long Mascara that came with the collection as well, and retailing at RM39.90, it is certainly not too bad a product. You see, in terms of it being smudge resistant, the product certainly lives up to its description, however in terms of it giving the lashes a 200% long boost, well let's just say not so much. It is lightweight though so for an enjoyable daily wear mascara, it certainly gives very promising results.

On overall, the collection launched by ZA was a stunning one indeed but in the meantime, for more details on ZA Cosmetics, you can head over to their Official Facebook Page and Website for further information.



  1. Oooo the Za Lacquer is indeed tempting. The eyeshadow palate looks convenient for an everyday look too!

  2. I actually like how the long mascara looks on you =) Thanks for sharing!

  3. RM39.90 it's cheap! Will look for it. Thanks for the awesome video sharing :)

  4. What a beautiful Autumn/Winter 2016 range. I'm stoked that the price range is really affordable for such products.

  5. You look great dear! Oh I wish am as good as you in applying makeups!

  6. The mascara and lip pencil looks really nice and effective!
    I have to check it out when I visit the drug store soon

  7. more pretty colours from ZA... but it is near Spring now right... can't wait for the new colours...

  8. I love the ZA Lips Crayon & reasonable price. Must get 1 !

  9. I tried some of their makeup and quite like it, affordable.

  10. I would like to try their eyeshadow palette!

  11. always have a soft spot for lip stuffs! vibrant colours~ love them! share me just 1% of your makeup skills :(

  12. The price for the lip lacquer is consider affordable! The color of the eyeshadow palette is so neutral and sweet too.

  13. I like this brand for its quality, can't wait to try out their new collection :)

  14. things that guys should also know about (atleast)


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