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The Cure to Melanin Overproduction? | Clarins White Plus Pure Translucency

On the Clarins White Plus Range

Ever since I hit my third trimester, there have been some visible changes to the skin. Now I have mentioned about my adjustment to it in several article posts before, and even though it wasn't really severe, getting use to these changes took time.

The one thing that I hadn't struggled with before though, and was completely new to me was getting used to seeing dark spots on the face. I realized of course this was due to hormonal changes but still I tried everything in my power to lessen the visibility of it.

Clarins White Plus Pure Translucency

On the Collection

There were some brightening products that came to mind which I did give a go for awhile, but somehow as mentioned before, they had this aspect of not only drying out the skin but making it a little flaky as well. So when Clarins introduced this new line called White Plus Pure Translucency, I gave a go on its regime for a bit and realized when used regularly in routine, the improvement on the skin was a huge boost.

Now first and foremost, this line is specifically designed for hyper-pigmentation. This means that it is targeted towards dark spots, darkening, dull and dehydrated skin due to melanin overproduction. It is not meant to just make your skin brighter but also to improve the skin's translucency for a more beautiful, healthy and natural glow.

To Prep the Skin

Hence, Clarins has identified this under 3 stages of dark spot formation where the 1st under normal circumstances is affected by UV exposure that can lead to future dark spots, the 2nd where is enhanced by hyperactivity of the melanocyte called dark spots in progress and the 3rd where under more intense UV exposure, reaches a level to make the dark spots visible at the skin surface called stubborn dark spots.

A Personal Favorite

So in terms of its product line, I have listed them below along with the price list to go along with it for reference. If you follow the steps accordingly, your skin will certainly get a step up with regards to a more clearer complexion. However as Clarins is on the premium side, I have also marked an '*' on the products that have assisted in making my dark spots less visible, so hopefully that will help guide you on which product you might want to get as well.

Purify, Prepare, Correct, Embellish & Revive:

Step 1 | Purify: 
  • Brightening Cream Mousse Cleanser | RM140 * (NEW)
    • Cleanses impurities, sebum and pollution

Step 2 | Prepare:
  • Brightening Qua Treatment Lotion | RM180 (NEW)
    • Preps, hydrates and tones the skin
  • Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion | RM180 * (NEW)
    • Preps, hydrates and nourish the skin

Step 3 | Correct:
  • Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum | RM350
    • Serum that helps preserve flawless, even and translucent skin

Step 4 | Embellish:
  • Brightening Emulsion | RM255 * (NEW)
    • Nourishes, moisturizes, comforts and soften the skin
  • Brightening Emulsion SPF20/PA+++ | RM265 (NEW)
    • Comforts and mattifies the skin with UV protection
  • Brightening Body Veil SPF20/ PA+++ | RM245 (NEW)
    • Provides long lasting hydration and more luminous skin

Step 5 | Revive:
  • Brightening Revive Gel | RM285 * (NEW)
    • Use a walnut sized amount with light smoothing motions. It revives and evens the skin clarity while promoting less yellowish skin.
On its makeup range

Now even though, we have yet to give this one a go, there is a final step to this White Plus regime which is the Brightening Powder Foundation SPF15/ PA +++. Retailing at RM185, it contains the same key ingredients of the line to enhance a brighter complexion and achieve flawless, translucent skin.

From what I know, this is not your average compact as it has very fine powders to conceal dark spots, imperfections and scars, but it also has 4 shades to go by (01 Ivory, 02 Sand, 03 Nude and 04 Cinnamon) together with a soft focus veil that instantly blurs pores and fine lines to illuminates the skin.

On Overall

On overall, I can really vouch for the White Plus skincare regime as it has really helped the pigmentation on my skin become less visible, so if you are looking for something that is effective that can assist with targeted dark and dull spots, then do check this range out.

You can also try out their Whitening Activator Facial Treatment at Clarins Skin Spa if you would like to experience it first hand, and this has the new Clarins Pro product which is the Complexion Radiance Peel off Mask that restores the skin's healthy glow. (Priced at RM290 for 60 minutes) In the meantime, for further details on the range and more, you can head over to Clarins Official Website and Facebook Page for more information.



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