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Otterbox iPhone 7 | Strada Series Folio Case & Commuter Series

If there is anything that we have learnt about Otterbox over the time that we have begun using their iPhone cases, is that the brand is an extremely reliable one.

After all, crafting out multiple series that focuses on drop protection is not easy, but giving optimal performance together with a specific style suited to its user is a different matter, for it takes a issue of forward thinking any given day.

iPhone 7 Strada Series Folio Case
RM199 | iPhone 7 , RM239 | iPhone 7 Plus (3 Shades)

The Strada Folio Case

Essentially enough as mentioned, the brand carries many ranges within their collection to choose from, and boiling it down to the basics, we have here the Folio Case (RM199 in 3 shades-iPhone 7) and the Commuter Series (RM169 for 5 tones-iPhone 7).

Side View

The Folio Case is a favorite to many, for as you can see from the visuals above, it covers the iPhone 7 from both the back and front. We did do some drop tests with it, and there have been absolutely no scratches, dents or damage done to both the phone and its premium leather case, which we were really happy about.

iPhone 7 Commuter Series
RM169 | iPhone 7, RM199 | iPhone 7 Plus (5 Shades)

On the Commuter Series

As for the Commuter Series, this is a really durable casing, where it has a dual layer protection (soft inner and hard outer layer to absorb and deflect impact) on the back. The front it protected as well, but not from a similar design like the Folio as you would expect, but more on the side where it provides an aid to the phone.

The Outer and Inner Protection Shield
When put together

Noticeably, this casing might look a little bulky compared to the sleek design of the Folio, but it does have a nice profile that slips easily into pockets and purses. All of its port covers blocks out dust, dirt and pocket lint too, so that is certainly a one up preference when choosing this design.

On Overall

However, if you would like to know more, the two cases are available to order online at OtterBox's Official Website, but just in case you are looking for a shade preference, you can always head on over to the links provided specifically for the Strada Series and Commuter one as well.



  1. I have an iPhone myself and I do drop my phone from time to time. Having a case that is drop tested is definitely a bonus. I gotta get me one of the cases.

  2. love the phone covers especially the purple one! it looks so classy on your iphone :D

  3. oyeah! i also use otterbox for my ip6. love em


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