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Peripera Perikiki | CLIO Tropical Hipster Launched

On the new launch

You would know that the Summer season is upon us when some of your favorite brands begin launching waterproof formulations, especially ones that are extremely well packaged within their own collections.

Peripera and Clio did just that, and hence having debuted both of their new ranges yesterday, Malaysians now have been introduced to Peripera's Perikiki Collection and Clio's Tropical Hipster line, both of which are simply bursting with vibrancy and color.

Peripera Perikiki Collection

At the Store

So for our first line, we have the Peripera Perikiki Collection and the range includes Ink the Velvet, Ink Cara Special Edition, Ink the Airy Velvet, Ink Fitting Eyes, Ink Lasting Mint Cushion, Ink Lasting Pink Cushion, Ink Brow Tattoo Gel and No Sebum MilkSun Cushion.

On the Collection

Among the collection, the Ink The Velvet and Ink The Airy Velvet were the most intriguing, partly because of its unique packaging that had adorable hat figurines. Both textures are quite soft and lightweight but the Ink the Velvet had the enhancement of a vivid matte, while the Ink the Airy Velvet had a rich pigment that would give off a subtle look.

On the Tattoo Gel and Ink Cara

As for the Cushions, the Ink Lasting Pink and Mint Cushions provides a natural radiance to the skin and gives a great base filter effect to keep the makeup smooth and fresh all they long. Not only that but both cushions also comes in three shades and covers uneven skin tone well to create a flawless looking finish.

The No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion is another compact that has a white and silk powder formulation to matify the skin. This controls oil and sebum as well as concealing pores to cover uneven skin texture. Plus not only that, it also has SPF50++ , which effectively blocks UVB rays to prevent skin aging too.

Application of the Ink Fitting Eyes

Within the range, you also have the Ink Cara which comes in a set of two and these provide coloring suitable to the eyes, especially when you are wearing lenses. The effect of the duo provides a long lasting finish and is resistant to smudging all day long. This similar effect also applies to the Ink Brow Tattoo Gel that is available in 3 colors.

CLIO Tropical Hipster

The Kill Cover Foundation Long Wearing Cushion

As for CLIO, the launch of their Topical Hipster Collection comes in a vast range which includes the Kill Cover Cushion, Kill Cover Skin Smoother, Lip Stain, Pen Liner, Tattoo Brow, Color Mascara, Body Tattoo and Nail Sticker.

Now we have heard plenty of great things on their Cushions, so for this Kill Cover Foundwear Long Wearing Cushion (Limited Edition), it is a super proof film formula that is made for flawless and long lasting makeup, which does not require a touch up. It is available in 3 shades and has a thin, clump free layer that keeps the skin from being too oily or flaky.

Mad Matte Liquid Lip (Limited Edition)

Another that was of interest was the Mad Matte Liquid Lip that has 6 high impact tones and a beautiful matte finishing that is simply eye catching. The formula contains a delicate but strong super fine pigmentation that lightly penetrates into the lips within 2 seconds after application. It also is pretty long lasting and has a tattoo like effect.

Now both of these collections will be available at Club Clio Sunway Pyramid, so if you would like to check it out, you can most definitely head on over. In the meantime for more updates and details, you can check out their Facebook Page for further information.


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