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Why A Better Florist Isn’t Just an Ordinary Florist

On fresh blooms

Flowers are the number one choice for gifting, especially when you’re on the go but still want to surprise someone with a special gift. However, there’s something about A Better Florist that makes all other florists seem too ordinary.

Their flower shop isn’t just about packaging blooms and sending them on their way. Their team specializes in creating flower arrangements that are able to express your intentions, thoughts and emotions. Flowers are able to tell a story, and this is exactly the philosophy that A Better Florist stands by.

What A Better Florist Offers

The idea that each bouquet represents exactly what you desire, completely changes the way think about flowers as gifts. You’re able to make someone feel truly special, with blooms that are crafted exactly with that person in mind.

Besides offering custom-made bouquets, A Better Florist also offers their signature bouquets on their website, which is perfect for you, if you’re an indecisive shopper. The way they put together blooms is absolutely breathtaking. No words can do justice to their creativity.

Significant bouquets

Another reason why they are different and have actually made it on the list of ten best florists in Singapore is that their blooms are never wilted. They grow their blooms on a farm on Cameron Highlands. The blooms that you see in their bouquets are nurtured with love, and are picked at the perfect moment, so you always receive a vibrant, fragrant and fresh bouquet.

Fresh Flowers Always

Their blooms have captivated hearts outside of Singapore as well. Their business has spread even to Hong Kong and Dubai, and continues to be successful beyond the borders of Singapore. Adding to their success and popularity is their beauty, experience skills, and Hong Kong definitely recognizes a good business when they see one. A Better Florist is among top 10 florists in Hong Kong!

They’ve also recently expanded their business and opened up a new company called Her Flowers, keeping the same philosophy but crafting slightly different, but equally beautiful arrangements.

On Overall

And there’s more. Their prices are among the lowest, but their standards are always kept high. You’re also guaranteed a super efficient delivery, with possible same day delivery. Order your flowers today, and it will arrive within only 90 minutes! It’s actually an ideal situation if you’re on the go, or you’re secretly guilty of forgetting any important dates or events.

We’re thrilled to have found a business that not only operates efficiently, but shows that they care about their customers. Stop by their website and check out their offer, we’re sure you won’t regret it. 



  1. Thanks for sharing, the flower bloom grow in cameron highland ,my hometown hihihi

  2. It's so nice to see these blooms packaged so well. You're right, flowers are the best gifts to anyone. They are bound to bring a smile to anyone's face. Cheers!!

  3. Whenever I receive fresh flower bloom from friend or my hubby, it will automatically lighten up my mood! Every girls love receive fresh flower banquet, thanks for sharing =)

  4. pretty flowers! I wish to receive it everyday haha

  5. How i wish this flowers can be at my doorstep tomorrow... - Racheal

  6. Lovely pretty bouquets especially reading about having custom made ones. I have always love to have fresh flowers around the house too!


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