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Clarins Double Serum | Launched

At the launch

Okay you guys, it is time to be at the edge of your seats because Clarins has finally launched it's new and  most powerful Double Serum yet. Now if you have been an avid user of the brand and have been following its product journey for awhile, you would know that this is its 8th generation double formula but now it is fully enriched with [20+1] plant extract.

The Double Serum

Now the formulation for this Double Serum comes through Clarins decode, which is through expression and listening, which in the brand's true form is the very language of youthful skin. This is to better stimulate the skin's 5 vital functions of regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection.

Not only that, but having discovered that there is a link between lipid microdomains and skin ageing, Clarins began optimizing the 5 vital functions with high performing plant extracts (tumeric being the main one) that took on specific actions on each of the skin's vital functions.

The Adjustable Push Button

Now having a double formula in one product, the most powerful anti-ageing plant extracts that are either soluble in water or in oil are without the risk of being incompatible with emulsifiers. With a made to measure application, the new adjustable push button systems makes it possible to customize the amount of product, depending on the skin needs or climate.

A Closer Look

However what excites us the most is its proven results after 4 weeks where its anti-wrinkle action keeps the skin hydrated at 98%, finding radiance at 91%, skin elasticity at 88%, and having the skin firmer and more refined at 82%.

We will certainly be putting it to the test in the meantime but for now, the retail for a 30ml bottle will be at RM325 where else for a 50ml bottle, it would be at RM435. The product will also be made available to the market from 1st September 2017, but for further updates, you can check out Clarins Official Facebook Page for more details.


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