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OffSpring Natural | A Must Have For Parents

On Offspring Natural

Being a new mum, I am pretty fresh to the parenthood game and the one thing that always used to confuse me was diapers. It essentially began with how many to buy, then how much I would need on a daily basis, the comfort of it all and then it started to trail off to whether my daughter would have a reaction to it.

Offspring Natural

On the brand

Technically on overall, this particular decision was like doing a math calculation in my head but with a swirl of emotions figuring out which brand would be the best to suited to the comfort of my beloved baby girl. I remember being in the midst of this decision when Offspring Natural approached, and from the moment I began using their products, I never deterred and I never looked back.

For all you new mums out there, let me shed a little light into what Offspring is all about. First off, they are an all natural baby brand that took off online in February 2017. They had been around for over a year before their official launch online, and reason being is because their products were being specially formulated and manufactured from their very own team.

On their product range

Other than diapers, you would notice that on their site, the brand also has their own product range that is formulated in Australia, and is fully audited and approved by international organisations such as COSMOS Organic, FSC and Peta.

The Collection
The Baby Oil

An absolute favorite of mine though that my little girl enjoys to the fullest is the brand's Calming Baby Oil, for that one in particular sets her off to a deep slumber whenever I apply it on her after her bath. Speaking of which, I might need to be replenishing my stock soon as I am a little low on it, but nonetheless it gives me no greater joy that my little girl loves it that much too.

The Baby Wipes

Now in terms of the diapers, Offspring Natural has two varieties (pants and tape); one called the Fashion Diapers which comes in 6 beautiful designs, and the other called Featherlight Ultra-Thin which gives wonderful comfort to any baby.

The Fashion Diapers
Well secured

This choice depends on what you would want for your baby as a mum, so if you like something simple, go and give a go at their Featherlight Ultra- Thin or if you prefer something stylish, try the Fashion Diapers instead. The packaging is the only difference between the two, so it really depends on what you would prefer.

Well Designed

You can see that a lot of thought was put into making the range, for if you look at the picture above, the design for these diapers are certainly unique. One thing that I really like about this, is that while you can see the garters for most pampers designs, these have a loose elasticity to them that allows the baby to move with ease, without any restriction or red lines after putting them on or taking them off.

They are also very well fitted and are wonderfully comfortable for your baby. The strap to secure the shape is also nicely done and after putting them on your child, you would notice that it does not shift from side to side, especially when your baby is on the constant move or in the midst of turning from left to right.

Now available in The Gardens Mall

Now Offspring Natural is now available in Robinsons, The Garden and I honestly could not be more excited for the brand. I believe in supporting brands that do right by their consumers and when their products are good and it works, you best believe that I will be encouraging them always. I also enjoy their natural, aesthetic, minimalistic appeal to their designs, so when all is said and done, I think their overall package is just fantastic.

On Overall

In the meantime, for further details on the brand or on their range of products, do head on over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for more information. As a mum who has been using their products for a good while, believe me when I say that you most definitely would not regret it.


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