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Kay-Kay All Plant Protein Powder | Happy Parenting

On Parenting

Taking into account all the things that you would need to prep for upon the arrival of your little one, it is always good to take note on the things that you may need after the pregnancy as well. Being one who has been placed into the new mothers category recently, I came to find that anticipating situations is one that is vital, and one that after 3 months of having my beautiful baby girl, I fully came to appreciate.

To all new mothers out there, we all know that a very important factor that we as mothers need to provide for our newborn is our milk. It contains antibodies that give their little bodies immunity to fight off sickness and allergies, while at the same time; it lowers the risks of them having any infections or respiratory illnesses as well.

On Kay-Kay All Plant Protein Powder

With that being said, this bond between both child and parent is always better if it can be done exclusively for the first 6 months. However as this flow is not always constant, be prepared to welcome any extra boost as much as you can. Personal experience has taught me to foresee these circumstances, so hence if you are looking for an all natural option, let me take you through Kay-Kay All Plant Protein Powder, from the land down under - Australia.


So the first thing that you would need to know about this product is that it is 100% Vegan and provides a complete amino acid profile that the body needs but can't be produced by itself. It gives a nice boost of protein on top of your daily regime and it also has the added goodness of prebiotics and kale to help maintain a good intestinal environment.

Ingredients Within:

  • Prebiotic : 
    • To help promote the growth of the mother's good bacteria that will be passed to the baby through breastfeeding.
  • Kale: 
    • Packed with special cruciferous compounds, and is also a source of powerful antioxidants and natural phytonutrients.

As for those of you who are lactose intolerant, you also needn't worry about utilizing this, because the Kay-Kay All Plant Protein Powder is dairy free, unsweetened, unflavored and 100% plant based that contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it low in fat, cholesterol free, sugar free and trans fat free too.

How Do We Use It?


Enclosed in a well secured green container, you can get up to 40 serves per its 400g limit. I like adding one scoop to my fruit juice every morning for intake because its a natural sweetener, but a go to that most mums prefer is by adding 1 scoop to a glass of 200ml milk, but with a pinch of sugar just for taste.

1 scoop per 200ml

Now this is a good product for mothers who are breastfeeding, but it also applies to those who are pregnant as well as it assists in the development of the baby. For mums who are constantly on the go, you can also add this to your favorite smoothie or even sprinkle it on your cereal, oatmeal, soup or salad, and it will give you the right amount of boost that you would need.

After mixing

As a whole, I do believe that you should give this a go when you can. It has assisted me a lot in the process and I am very grateful for having it with me. In the meantime, you can find this product at their Official Website at RM79.90 per tub. For more information, you can also head on to their Official Facebook Page for further details as well.



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