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L'Occitane Pyjama Party + Peony Mini Pod Masks

At L'Occitane's Pyjama Party

So last week we took a two day trip down to Genting with L'Occitane to experience a relaxing pyjama party with the brand's signature Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask and their new Peony Mini Pod Masks. Now if you have seen our Live Video on our Instagram Stories (follow us @penmyblog), you would probably know what would be going down, but just in case you haven't, don't worry we will be putting up the journey for you here.

On the decor

So upon arrival, we were greeted with drinks by the team and thus upon coming inside the villa, a sight of beautiful decor and a wonderful atmosphere swept us off our feet. L'Occitane Malaysia had really outdone themselves on this one and I have to say that the happy vibes that all of us were feeling were all over the place with this one.

Happy Vibes
On the products

An itinerary was also given to us once we allocated our rooms, and to begin the experience, we were also provided with the new Peony additions along with some sleeping aids and skincare. Now if you have yet to experience L'Occitane skincare, I would highly recommend that you do, for if you are into sensorial products, theirs is certainly a collection that you would not forget in a hurry.

The Peony Mini Pod Masks
(Retail 6ml | RM22 each)

On the new masks

As for a quick brief on the latest additions, the 3 new Peony Face Masks provides unique sensations and are targeted to have skin benefits that would suit to your needs, whether the skin would be require a specific face treatment or is in need of some tender, loving care.

A Closer Look

The first one that is in the collection is the Purifying Minute Mask which you can apply on for a quick radiance fix. You can also opt for the Flash Minute Mask which you may need when your skin is to be kept well hydrated.

However on how to use the two, simply apply it on for 10-20 minutes, wipe off the access, then massage it well into the skin for the rest of the night. The directions are pretty straightforward and the best part is, that you can use 1 pack for at least 4-5 times, which should be able to last you for the entire week.

Applying the Flash Moisture Mask on

Now L'Occitane also has the Overnight Perfecting Mask which is specially formulated to prevent signs of fatigue and dull skin, especially after a late night or an early start. This masks assists in giving your skin a helping hand to wake up with a skin as beautiful as if you had had 8 hours of full sleep.

With Sabby Prue 
The Whitening Sleeping Mask

Now after using the products over the course of the week, a favorite of mine has to be the Flash Moisture Mask. It treats and hydrates the skin quickly and has a quick absorption formula that is made with the complex of peony to plump and perfect the face to reveal a radiant and velvety skin. An additional trick to this is that after wiping off the access, you can also us a thin layer of the Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask to boost a healthy glow as well.

The whole experience

Now on overall, the whole experience and launch was certainly an unforgettable one and it has certainly been one of the more relaxing ones that I had been to in a long while. Each of these masks are already made available to L'Occitane stores, so if you would like to check it out, you can certainly do so, but in the meantime, for further details, you can always check L'Occitane's Official Facebook Page for more information.



  1. What a lovely party.. if only I get invited to such parties... 😭😭😭

    1. Waahh I love Loccitane products and parties. I wish Loccitane Philippines will invite me too, hahaha.

  2. I have not tried their products before. I think I need the whitening sleeping mask.

  3. This sounds like a great product! My skin has been feeling drying lately, I want to try the Pod Mask. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a luxurious, pampering party this was. I wished I could be there as well!

  5. The party looks amazing, always wanted a pyjamas party. Wish I could attend their next party as well 🙈 Will check out their product =D

  6. This is such a cute party! I've tried their range once but it's a bit overpriced for me.

  7. Lovely party. I bet you enjoy to the fullest there.

  8. wow.. the packaging is nice.. i love the color of the pacakging!

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