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Adaline Keep Cool Masks + Giveaway | Skinphy

A Daily Masking Routine

The one thing about Korean Beauty that I really love are masks. Reason being is that they fit extremely well onto the face without slipping off, have no spillage, and the absorption for them is very quick; thus leaving the face plumped and radiant right after application.

Plus having tried a number of them in the past, I am a huge fan. Whenever I put one on, its like a refresher course for my skin after those long tired days and within a short 20 minutes after application, my skin becomes supple, tight, and smooth. Plus if you are an avid user like myself, you would realise that over time with continuous use, the texture of your skin will then become more even, less flaky and on overall, well hydrated.


About the website

Now seeing that there are various types in the market that are made available to us, the locality on where to source these masks are vast. There are boutiques to be sure, but for the bigger selections, you can mostly find them online. Hence this is where you can add in the website Skinphy to your list of K-Beauty additions, for it is an easy curated destination website that makes safe, hash free beauty products all the way from Korea.

However for starters, let's have a little background about Skinphy. The first is that its name is derived from Skin + Philosophy. What it does, is that it brings you the most up to date skincare trends, tips and tricks that cater to your every need, plus gives you the most worthy innovative products around. Not only that, this website also gives you an easy reference to its vast selection of masks, from its range of Etude House, Dr. Jart+ to Adaline.

Adaline Keep Cool Masks
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The tree variants

Thus to highlight some of the products at hand, let's talk about the Adaline Keep Cool Masks. There are three types to the collection, and they are the Hydrating, Whitening and Soothing Mask.

So for the first one that we have in hand, here we have the Hydrating Mask that is made from Astaxathin, which is a deep sea water-derived ingredient that slows down the skin's ageing process. It delivers concentrated hydration in its transparent layer and delivers a nourishing essence serum to your skin. The second one is the Whitening Mask with pearl extracts and is targeted to brighten uneven and dark complexion. It recharges the skin with moisture and has a vitamin complex to moisturise the skin well.

As for the final one which is the Soothing Mask, it has Phytoncide as one of its key ingredients and what it does is to fortify your vulnerable and sensitive skin protection system. It restores the skin's comfortable feeling and gives great texture improvement and protection.

Trying Out The Masks
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The instructions and ingredients list

Now among the three different types of masks in the range, I personally enjoy using the hydration one the most. This is not only because it combats anti-aging but also it gives the skin great long lasting moisture with a nice cooling effect.

Taking the mask out
Unfolding it

As for applying it on, it comes in a nice fitted transparent sheet that fits very well to the face and is thin enough so that it doesn't slip off. It also soaks in the ingredients quickly to the skin within the 30 minute timeframe and the best part of it all is that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable using it.

Applying it on

However in terms of how to utilize the mask,  it would be best to use it as the very last step of your routine. So after a good cleanse with a toner, simply take out the mask and peel off the film liner and fit it well to the shape of your face. After that, go about doing your own thing and once 20 minutes is done, remove the mask and gently massage in the remaining essence until it is fully absorbed.

After 20 minutes
All benefits absorbed

The steps of it is pretty simple and after continuous use, I found that my skin became more refined and had a nice glow to it. So if you are looking to give a go on the range, you can do so by taking a look at them at Skinphy's Official Website.  You can also use the code 'SHIVXSKINPHY' to get 10% rebate for the month of July.

In the meantime, we will also be hosting a giveaway on our Facebook Page, so do remember to check that out. For further information, you can certainly check out their Official Facebook Page for more details.



  1. Hi Shivani! Thank you for the review on these wonderful masks. They look promising! I want to win these masks because I want to experience what you experienced! Honestly who doesn't love putting on mask and relax for a good 20 minutes? I love sheet masks that fits perfectly on my face. A good sheet mask makes me happy! I hope that these masks will help improving my skin's texture. Also, what attracts me is that, the simple and clean packaging of these masks, straight to the point, and always reminds me to KEEP COOL ;) Thank you again for this giveaway! Have a great day ahead! (ig: @ninetwoeight // twitter: @jessngkehuey // email:

  2. I want to win these masks because my skin is so dry and dehydrated it needs an ocean.

  3. Nik Murni Atikah22 July 2017 at 14:27

    Hi! ��. I already read you review, seems it really works on your skin. I really wanna try out this mask. Since Malaysia is currently so hot, I really need something like this mask to soothing and keep my skin moisturized.Sometimes my skin look dry and dull.�� I never try this mask before. Hopefully I could try out this mask. Thank you for this collaboration with Skinphy. I don't wether you receive this comment or not because I don't how to post comment on blog. �� Btw my FB id is: Nik Murni Atikah, IG: niktikah1.

  4. Hi!. I'm enjoy reading your review about this mask, seems it really works on your skin. I really wanna try out this mask. Since Malaysia is currently so hot, I really need something like this mask to soothing and keep my skin moisturized. I never try this mask before. The packaging is so pretty. I have a lot of good review about this mask from blogger.I love wearing mask so much because I'm too lazy to put a lot of skincare on my face, I think put on mask is good enough for my skin. Hopefully I could try out this mask. Thank you for this collaboration with Skinphy. I don't wether you receive this comment or not because I don't how to post comment on blog. My fb: Nik Murni Atikah.

  5. The mask looks really thin! I love thin mask :D Feels more comfortable on the face. Also I want to win these masks because I love masks with such cute packaging as well. :D

  6. I've love to win these cause my skin has been quite over-exfoliated lately from a harsh cleanser. :( These masks look like they would be perfect for hydrating and healing my moisture barrier , or at least, a temporary fix. ^^

  7. Personally, I am on a voyage on a seabed full of masks in order to find the perfect fit for me! Ever since I discovered the healing and moisturizing properties of using face masks as a guy a year back after going through late-night sesh with my partner, I am in love with the way how it really calms me down before bed. However, having sensitive skin really puts a damp in my quest. But, she recommended Skinphy masks and they have been really remarkable as it does not cause any irritation. Hydration masks works wonders for me out of all types, giving ample moisture and has a nice cooling sensation, rather than those feeling sticky and dry. This review has gotten my hopes up since it's quick, fitted and most of all, works. I hope not just to be able to win this, but to be able to spread the word that every being should have his or her taken care of. What better way to start than this one!

  8. I really love the review for this mask. I deserve to win this Adaline Keep Cool Mask because I suffered from very dehydrated skin, large pores and dull skin. I believe that this mask is my multitasking miracle that breathes new life into tired, sluggish and stressed skin. It helps to instantly hydrates and locks in moisture, leaves my skin appears less stressed and feels purified, nourished, calmed, firmer, smoother, softer and also helps to minimize the appearance of large pores. This mask makes me look fabulous, younger and keep my skin in natural and rosy. It’s awesome for my travelling and perfectly to soothe, calm and hydrate my skin after a long day.
    Adaline Keep Cool Mask - It's not just a mask, It's an experience!
    [S]oothe, nourish and softer skin.
    [K]eep skin natural and rosy.
    [I]mprove skin fairness & minimize pores.
    [N]aturally restore skin's elasticity.
    [P]revents melanin formation and lighten pigmentation.
    [H]elps to repair and rejuvenate skin.
    [Y]outhful and radiant skin.

  9. My combination skin with constant blackheads, occasional acne breakouts & blemishes are difficult to manage.
    Thus, finding the right mask is essential for me.
    I want to achieve a smooth and healthy-glowing skin, minimise the appearance of pores and even out my skin beautifully.

    With that in mind, I would love to win Adaline Keep Cool Mask because my face needs a splash of hydration! I believe Adaline Keep Cool Mask will be suitable for my combination skin because the masks are lightweight, easy to apply, "blurs out" imperfections, purify, hydrate and brighten complexion to give my skin a new breath of life!
    The mask is packed with abundance of natural goodness to help me achieve flawless complexion from the comforts of home.

    Skinphy is essential for my daily skincare needs as it helps to elevate my skincare routine to a whole new level. Adaline Keep Cool Mask is the stepping stone I need to balance life, reignite my passion and renew my journey.
    Now I can smile confidently with my bestfriend Skinphy who is always Capturing confidence & Amplifying beauty.

    Facebook: Wendy Rose
    Instagram: wendyyy_rose
    Twitter: @pwyyyy


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