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A Halal Mascara You Should Take A Look At | Zahara Cosmetics

Zahara Cosmetics

Being one that struggles with sparse lashes all the time, let me be the one to tell you that having a voluminous mascara at hand, is very helpful on my end. After all, if a mascara can make my lashes all the more curlier and fanned out, I would be all for it.

So let's talk about Zahara Cosmetics for a quick minute. This brand is a Singaporean-based makeup line that is halal and completely cruelty free. Its range of products include a beautiful array of nail polishes, eye-shadows and lipsticks, as well as its latest release of its new Daredevil Lashes mascara that was launched on the 8th of September 2017.

Zahara Cosmetics Daredevil Lashes Mascara

The Release

Now the design of this mascara is simplistic but elegant. You can see that the packaging was kept very minimalist with two gold accents going around the white bottle, with the branded font being boldly placed at the front. The bottle also closes securely so you needn't worry about clumps forming around the cap and on overall, the packaging is found to be quite sturdy, so you can definitely bring it around with you wherever you are on the go.

The Applicator

Thus keeping that in mind, the purpose of this mascara was designed to lift and thicken lashes, and thus with using halal ingredients, it comes with a sizable applicator brush that is meant to keep and hold the lashes in place upon application.


Upon use, the Daredevil Lashes Mascara has a jet black formulation that amplify the lashes for a nice matte finish. They are not overly glossy like some mascaras out there but the matte touch gives a very nice lift if you are going for a natural flattering look.


In terms of the performance, I found my lashes to be wonderfully enhanced and not at all in the clumpy way but rather in terms of volume and length. The wand applicator fans out the lashes beautifully but the only thing to note is that because of its size, I couldn't really get it to reach the inner corners of my lashes properly.

As for the product being long-wearing, it does live up to that but keeping in mind that it is not meant to be waterproof, the formula is quite solid and stays on without breaking down or smudging during the day.


Now on overall, I like using this mascara. I have naturally curly lashes so I don't normally need the additional lift but in terms of volume, this product does well. The formulation is certainly spot on for a halal product and somehow I really enjoyed the matte finish for it really brings out the natural look well.

So if you would like to know more about the Zahara Cosmetics Daredevil Lashes Mascara, you can head on over to Zahara Cosmetics Official Website. The product retails at SGD $22 and is currently available online too.



  1. wah! I don't even know that there's such thing as Halal mascara. Definitely worth checking it out.

  2. Wow i like white colour packaging very nice... i love.

  3. I like the brand name Zahara, so unique and it standout. Im looking forward to try Zahara mascara and other beauty products. Hope this available in Manila as well.


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