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7 Cool Ways You Can Use THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum

The Therapy First Serum

It has been over a year since THE FACE SHOP Therapy First Serum was released, and after months of utilizing it to its fullest, I have come to be more and more impressed by its effectiveness after each use.

Of course however like any given product, it is always best to use it in sequence, so by recommendation, it is good to start off with First Serum as the initial step, followed by a toner, serum, emulsion and finally the cream.

A Closer Look

Now if you have yet to read our previous review about it, you can always do so here , but the takeaway of this product that has received plenty of great feedback is its water blending formula. This is the essence of what makes The Therapy First Serum so effective, and with crystal particals and essential oils within, it also balances moisture, enhances radiance, rejuvenates and hydrates while slowing down signs of aging on the skin.

The Therapy First Serum
[130ml | RM148.29 inclusive of 6% GST]

The Usages
The measure points

Thus how can one fully utilize this one bottle to its fullest potential? Well to begin with, its usage and method is extremely versatile. The bottle itself comes with a volume indicator to monitor its usage, and with every pump of product that it dispenses out, it can be used in a number of ways, from a mist spray, an exfoliator or even as a mask if need be.

Applying it as a mask
As a mist  
The 7 Ways to use The Therapy First Serum

  • The First Step Application
    • To apply immediately after cleansing to recharge and boost the benefits of the following skincare used.
  • The 7 Layering Technique
    • Doing Korea's 7 layer technique for plump and glowy skin.
  • An Exfoliator
    • Do a pump onto a Green Tea cotton pad and wipe from the center outwards to buff away dead skin.
  • A Mask
    • Soak a sheet mask with The Therapy First Serum and apply to the face for 20 minutes for a boost of hydration. 
  • A Mist Spray
    • Pour into a mist bottle and spray on the face to keep hydrated all day.
  • Aromatherapy
    • Spray onto a warm damp face towel, press onto the face and inhale deeply 5 times to relax.
  • Stress Reliever
    • Do a face point massage to relieve muscle tension or apply damp cotton pads on to the cheeks and forehead for 2-3 minutes.

Supporting MAKNA

Also in terms of marking THE FACE SHOP very first anniversary of The Therapy First Serum in Malaysia, the brand is also lending a hand to support MAKNA (National Cancer Council) to raise funds and to increase its general awareness.

On Overall

So in terms of the details of this CSR Campaign, it will be going on from the 1st of September till the 31st of October 2017 at all The Face Shop stores (online and offline), Nature Smart and Hermo Malaysia, plus the best part is that if you were to buy one bottle of The Therapy First Serum, you would be getting another bottle absolutely free. In addition, for each bottle sold, RM15 out of the proceeds will go to MAKNA and out of all of this, you will also get a #BERMAKNA coin pouch as a token of appreciation.

Hence for more information about this CSR Campaign or on THE FACE SHOP product range, you can always find out more through their Official Website, and their Official Facebook Page.


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