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Mamonde's New Brightening Cover Powder and Watery Cushions

The new brightening cushions from Mamonde

Sometime during the last week, we received a package from Mamonde, containing their two new Brightening Cover Cushions, one in powder texture and the other in watery formulation. Both cater to suit different skin needs and come in two tones, one in No21N Medium Beige and No.21C Medium Peach.

On the Packaging

However first off let's talk about the packaging for a quick minute. Sleek and simple, the Powder Cushion comes in a minimalistic white casing, while the watery cushion comes in a hue of light blue. You would see that upon opening it up, the tone within weathers a rose gold around the border for the Powder Cushion and as for the latter, it favors a silvery finish for the Watery Cushion as well.

Brightening Cover Powder Cushion in 21N Medium Beige 
[Retail:  RM90 | Weight: 15g ]

In 21N Medium Beige

So how are the textures like for each of these? Well for the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion like the one above, it gives a clean coverage to the skin with a velvet-matte formulation. You can also see that the sponge here has more entrance points for the formulation, hence allowing more product to be picked up on the puff and then later deposited on the skin for a non-greasy and long lasting finish.

Fun Facts:
  • Has a special Brightening Cover Complex to tone up the skin
  • Holds 10x more peach flower powder that holds covering particles for a more fuller coverage
  • Has an even coverage sponge for a non-patchy application
  • A Cover Fit Puff to create high coverage and buildable makeup

Brightening Cover Watery Cushion in 21C Medium Peach 
[Retail: RM90 | Weight: 15g]

In 21C Medium Peach

As for the Brightening Cover Watery Cushion, it gives the skin a natural coverage and leaves a dewy and radiant finish on the skin. It also blends like a dream and keeps the skin well hydrated with a smooth and supple looking glow. Plus seeing as the sponge here also allows more product to be deposited on the water fit puff, the formulation allows seamless yet full coverage but with a nice coating coating powder that is similar to the skin.

Fun Facts:

  • Has a special Brightening Cover Complex to tone up the skin and is skin fit
  • Delivers comfortable moisture to the skin while preventing any form of tightness
  • Has a water pump sponge for effective content discharge for deep moisture and high coverage
  • A Cover Fit Puff to create high coverage and buildable makeup

Swatches and Application


Now on overall, the formulation for these are absolutely spot on. The finishes are beautiful and they certainly do give a form of radiance to the skin that plumps up the texture. Plus for those who would like to know the color ranges fro the two, know that there are five in total; 3 as for pink base and 2 for a yellow base undertone. For better reference, we will list it further below.

The Five Shades of the Brightening Cover Cushion

Pink Base: One Tone Up Bright Skin
  • No.17 Light Peach
  • No.21C Medium Peach
  • No.23C Natural Peach

Yellow Base: Half Tone Up Clear Skin
  • No.21N Medium Beige
  • No.23N Natural Beige

Powder Cushion | Wearing under the eyes, nose and forehead | 21N Medium Beige
Watery Cushion | Wearing under the eyes. chin, nose and center of the forehead | 21C Medium Peach

Now on dry skin, we have to say that the Brightening Cover Watery Cushion is definitely more to our speed for it gives the face a lifted natural coverage while keeping the application rather lightweight and the skin well moisturized. As for the Powder Cushion, it is great for a more velvety finish, but on textured skin, it might get a little cakey after 3-4 hours of wear.

So if you would like to know more about Mamonde or on its range of products, you can head on over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for further updates.



  1. The coverage looks awesome! Wish to have my hands on one of these, but I still have quite a number of cushion foundation =(

  2. Thanks for the review and thanks for letting me know about this new 'toy' hehe

  3. wow..that coverage is superb! I would definitely go for the powder cushion...

  4. To me, they both look so similar. It is so difficult to decide which to go for. Looks like for this, I have to personally visit a Mamonde store.


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