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What's New at the Recently Renovated IPC Shopping Centre?

Exploring IPC

We are pretty certain that a lot of you have seen the newly revamped IPC Shopping Centre, and today we are going to give you the low down on what exactly this new phase consists. Last week we took a closer look at the project, and with its refreshed LG1 and LG2 floors, the venue certainly gives us a lot of modernistic vibes, where delightful colors and playful interior makes it all the more fun.

Discovering Within


Now Phase Two and Three is currently underway, but as it was raining heavily on the day when we were suppose to explore, we were advised not to head down to where the construction was. Nonetheless, let's take you through the floors that we did go through and thus introduce you to the new tenants of IPC Shopping Centre.

At Foodland

So with the redevelopment, we see a lot of distinct Scandinavian touches, where minimalist designs plays a huge part in its interior. LG1 is known as Foodland with a complete new concept and layout, IPC also welcomes back its popular tenants such as Uncle Lim's, De Irrfan Cafe and Noodle Shack

New Localities
Aeon Wellness

Not only that, but the center is also excited to play host to its new tenants such as AEON Wellness and Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul; and many of course are delighted that Ben's Independent Grocer will be opening in October.

Within Foodland
The Dishes
A Favorite from Myeong Dong Topokki
On tasteful dishes
The many varieties

As for LG2, both i-Alter and Thule have also made a return, and with creating an all new kids' area called Funland on the same level, it will also be home to the second Young Chefs Academy in Malaysia, offering fun and creative cooking classes for children.

On Ben's Independant Grocer
Product Attractions

However what is one of the more interesting feature about the place is that IPC Shopping Centre has also invested in a leading sustainable dishwashing and cleaning system as part of the centre's dedication to a greener future.

On the stunning decor within the shops

There are upgrades to the Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC), and having relocated to a more convenient and strategic location on LG1, it certainly is setting a benchmark for others, paving a way for a better and greener future.

More finds
On Overall

So thus if you would like to know more,  you can certainly drop on by to explore the renewed floors to get a taste of what the new IPC Shopping Centre has got in store. Not only that but do check out Foodland as well, as the dishes there are definitely a worthwhile visit. For further information, you can check out IPC Shopping Centre on their Official Facebook Page as well.


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